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  1. Actually, stockings make great catfish bait holders! The bloody liver never gets off the hook... Of course, then you have to explain to people why you have stockings in your tackle box..
  2. Alright here's what we have, ready to go: FTF prizes(should people choose to do this): folding shovel, snakebite kit, camping salt & pepper shakers Other swag: kids-water snakes, pirate kits (eyes patches & earrings), compasses Adults- fish hooks, poop bags for the pooch, packs of cards (as in thank you cards, but blank) But that's it for now.
  3. What do you stock your hides with? We're talking small containers (magnetic key holders & altoids tins not included) to your extra large. For a lot of us, it'd be great to get some ideas. For others, it may be great to brag. & for some, it might be a good place to ask, "Is this alright?".. We haven't put our small-large containers out yet, so this is a great way for us to get some ideas before we do.
  4. Thanks for answering! I was curious as to how that actually worked..knowing ya'll have had the guidelines set well before me. Sorry if I seemed lost.. It's because I was!
  5. "The smell of hospitals in winter, and the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters, but no pearls... All at once you look across a crowded room & see the way that light attaches to a girl."-Counting Crows
  6. "LOOK!! I'm a CRAB! Scuttle, scuttle! Scuttle, scuttle!" -my stepson busted out with this out of nowhere in the middle of the grocery store, complete with "pincer hands" & the sideways "scuttle". We weren't even talking about seafood... Ha ha he's such a ham!
  7. We just dropped ours over the weekend, a state away. We had it for a while..life got in the way of caching. Don't you hate when that happens? I haven't heard of anyone getting an Explorist yet either. I hope, 4matthew77, that ya'll get yours soon.
  8. I thought it was on the plantiff to prove the defendent guilty, not the other way around. Anyway, I have sincere doubts that the reviewer would not ask such questions. If you want to know the truth why not send him an E-mail? I would, but I live no where near there, and don't want to seem out of place. But you're so good at it. That comment got me all agigated. Serisouly.
  9. That whole post was adorable. just had to say
  10. There's one of ours wherein anything metal comes in handy. You're not going to be able to sign the log without it. (Well, you could..but it's very difficult) We were nice, though, & hid it in an area where there is plenty of metal to be found. Nobody's found it yet though..it's very devious.. We are also going to have one that a screwdriver will come in handy with. We've found plenty that you need to use tweezers for, none of the others required anything more special than a pen..although we have come across some pretty cool containers.
  11. Haha like a whole garden shed. Or a big hollow statue about 8 feet tall. Or an abandoned car up on blocks;)
  12. Or is it "wheresoever I go, there I am."..? I don't know. Whichever is correct. I'd look it up but the baby's having her dinner on my lap.
  13. I understand why a person wouldn't want to hunt it. I have passed on the two that I know about because I don't like to hunt them, either. I would feel watched, & a little bit like they were lying in wait for me. Meeting people, to me, shouldn't feel like that. However, I also understand why some people like them, & would like to hide them on their property. I get it. I also get that not everyone feels the way I do about finding them. What I don't understand, is why it matters so much to you. You seem angry & indignant.. When you could just pass on it & never give it another thought. That's what I'm curious about.
  14. ...And what if said geocache is in a really awesome homemade container that nobody's ever seen before & is really challenging to find? I think I'd make the trip to a junk yard just to see an awesome container like that (as long as my Tetanus was up-to-date)..but that's me. I happen to like the creative side to this game. Ya'll can wait in the car if you'd like :-p
  15. I believe their reason was because they & their son liked to meet geocachers.
  16. I was under the impression that it's one of the first things you do when you have a vindictive ex on your hands..change all usernames & passwords that they know about. They might know about some you didn't think they did, so change them all. Including voicemail passwords. That's what I did when my ex turned into a vindictive whiner anyways. Problem solved. It never ceases to amaze me that 9 times out of 10 the person who walked away from the relationship in the first place turns out to be the one who wants to retain absolute control even after they're gone & doing what they want with who they want, when they want. That's a bit off topic.. Just saying.
  17. I'm not sure why someone would hide hundreds of P&Gs.. I'm not going to say that I am. However, I do know that as we continue putting out hides, we will continue to pepper the area with P&Gs that are wheelchair accessible. We don't want to leave anyone out while making hides..we want there to be a little something for everyone. Kids, adults, hikers, climbers, & the disabled. (Of course the list goes on a bit longer than that..) Of course we're just beginning so things may change a little as we go along..& the P&G we have so far is in a nice location. It doesn't take much effort to hide a wheelchair accessible P&G with a nice view around here, though. It might be more difficult to do this in other areas.
  18. "Wheresoever you go.. There you are."
  19. 1) Getting my whole family involved in a game they absolutely love, & are admittedly obsessed with. There's a place in it for everyone & we all like different aspects of it better than others. The rest is how it's ranked for me. 2)Discovering new places 3)The challenge of the final find 4)Meeting other cachers 5)Travelbugs and trackables 6)The challenge of getting to the cache (it's low on the list for a reason that I don't care to get into) 7)Statistics and numbers::actually this doesn't really matter to us at all in terms of finds..we just enjoy finding them, but we really want to put some good hides out there. Swag :: didn't rank. Sorry, Swag, but I just don't care for you. Although I will leave swag in caches that are low, & my stepson would rank this much higher on his list! Edited to add: if it's actually cool signature swag it gets a higher rank. But that seems to be rare..
  20. ^Disturbing. Imagine the geostripes... Imagine the view. "Hey! I found it! Just let me bend down & grab it from behind these bushes here." O_o *erp*
  21. It's listed as "Under Review" in the feedback forums. Over 600 votes. Go here to add your vote: http://feedback.geoc...frien?ref=title WOW, I guess the internet's not for everybody. 600 votes. That's surprising. I think the concept of shared experiences is one of the things that makes geocaching more than a sport, but a community. I cant count the times I met a geocacher and our conversation started with "I saw your log on ...." I would have to agree. The thing we love most about this game is the friendly sense of community. The small town feel of a global game. We would also end up not participating anymore if this were to end.
  22. [/snip] . Good news is that I'll be in the mountains in North Carolina in about a month, so I look forward to some real rural Geocaching--super excited. Maybe some big hikes? Never done that before (for caching purposes). [/snip] Feel free to email us when you arrive in WNC. We would be more than happy to either go caching with you, recommend some good ones that we've found (we haven't found too many yet..we have a while to go before our one year anniversary! ), or just be a phone-a-friend in a new area to you. Or all of the above. We love meeting fellow cachers. You'll like this area. It's very cache dense & the cachers are really nice people who go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Plus there's Ozzguff. Who has the second most hides in the world. The WORLD. Lol
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