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  1. I'm looking at all these replies & laughing. Ya'lls are all nice. Our cache bag is an old "JEEP" diaper bag that is too small to contain all of my daughter's stuff anymore. As a nice top off, we had a situation where chiggers got into it, & I washed it & accidentally dried it. So not only is it an old diaper bag, it's also all permanently wrinkly & warped! Ha ha It works, though, and I'm not spending an arm & a leg for something that looks better. We have backpacks for longer hikes, but we don't often get to go on longer hikes. Our daughter is not yet a year old, & I am rarely, if ever, without her. That being said, I now use a backpack for her diaper bag. Backwards, no? Ha
  2. In SC there's a big pill bottle shoved up inside a mannequin's head & sealed to stay there. It's a fun find, especially at night. Think about what can contain the pill bottle instead of where to hide it. That will get your creative juices pumping.
  3. If it is as large as I think it is, wouldn't that be a "medium"? As a "small" can hold some items, but not many, & a "regular" is about the size of an ammo can..which can hold more things than the lincoln log container... Can we get a picture of the container with something beside it showing the size scale, if it turns out to be waterproof? (Like an ammo can! )
  4. Dave, A question like this is best answered by the person using the acronym. Have you tried email yet? Oh, & yes, Ozguff will answer your emails & is usually very good about that. He will give you more hints to help you solve the puzzle, & is very involved in the game. We are lucky to live in this area. It is very cache dense & the cachers have a strong sense of community. I have found most cachers around here are more than helpful through email.
  5. Actually it is Edward Jones Mighty Grip. They are very difficult puzzles, one of which I am working on right now & getting absolutely nowhere with it. Email me & I'll let you know some more helpful info, but as far as solving them; I am in the same boat as you.
  6. There's not a clear "yes" or "no" for this one. As the CO, you CAN delete their log. Will they be angry? Yes. They did find it, after all. Deleting their log is deleting their find. However, they didn't follow the rules of the area. Which not only puts your cache at risk, it also puts Geocaching in general in a bad light & puts other caches within that park at risk as well, not to mention future caches for the area. So, you wouldn't necessarily be in the wrong by deleting it. Does the log include that they went to find it after dusk? You can email them asking them to edit the log (or else you'll have no choice but to delete it) to exclude the fact that they broke the rules of the area where the cache is, in order not to encourage the behavior in others. Also, you don't *have* to honor FTF's..it's just a side game not recognized by Groundspeak.
  7. Read this in a parenting magazine. Couldn't help but laugh aloud. "Getting down on all fours and imitating a rhinoceros stops babies from crying. (Put an empty cigarette pack on your nose for a horn and make loud "snort" noises.) I don't know why parents don't do this more often. Usually it makes the kid laugh. Sometimes it sends him into shock. Either way it quiets him down. If you're a parent, acting like a rhino has another advantage. Keep it up until the kid is a teenager and he definitely won't have his friends hanging around your house all the time." - P. J. O'Rourke
  8. Nice. I, only having 3 souvenirs now, didn't know it would be so detailed. I'm very happy with it.
  9. Yup. I scoured the Geico promotional page, looked at the sample trackable page, & even checked out the confirmation email for entering the contest. You were right, & I was wrong. So, is crow all dark meat, or is there a choice?
  10. "You play baseball like a GIRL!"-sandlot
  11. I love the dancing 7up spot. Whoever has a dancing 7up spot with a party hat AND a balloon in their computer image arsenal...they know fun.
  12. You don't have to have one in your possession to enter the contest, anyone that legally qualifies (by being a resident of the US, I believe) can enter the contest once a week. the geico tag is only a sort of advertisement to get more people to know about and to enter the contest, and of course to promote them maybe using the geico service, of course... Here is what I did with mine: $88,000 Gold Brick - Geico Travel Tag - TB472Z5 I did know that, & either way, it's ok with me... I think I read somewhere that it was also a part of the contest..but I could be very wrong. I will have to look again, when I have had some sleep & I can make more sense of the written word.. One sick child does equal an entire sick family, but first you have to subtract all sleep for mother. I'll look it up & return for my standard meal of crow (hold the toes, add pepper) when I return better rested. Keep it warm in the oven 'til I get back!
  13. Too bad this contest doesn't last longer, seeing as TBs sometimes get stuck for a while.. We once found one that was stuck in a cache that was the end of a multi for two years.
  14. "I guess what I've been saying is there ain't no better reason To rid yourself of vanities & just go with the seasons It's what we aim to do Our name is our virtue" -Jason Mraz How's that for a geocacher's quote?
  15. With our nano I put "not chosen" as the cache size, but then in the short description wrote, "a nano"... That way people who like micros, yet hate nanos, would not bother with it-as they might if I had selected the "micro" size. What I don't get is people calling their magnetic key holders & altoid tins "smalls". We look for smalls & up when caching with my stepson so he can trade swag..we've been disappointed many times with the key holders & altoid tins on those occasions.
  16. I actually did this on Father's Day. We received an email that our coords were badly off. I did not verify them, as I was too busy talking to a police officer at the time. I also provided no hint on the cache because it was a more "run of the mill" type of hide. (The clever part was what general area it was in & why we named it what we named it) Anyways, while I was there to verify the coords, I checked the cache. There was a Geocoin, unactivated, representing our area in it. I traded everything I had in the cache bag that would fit in the cache for that coin, & gave it to my husband for Father's Day. He loved it. I wasn't sure about the etiquette, either. I actually emailed the person that left it in the cache to make sure it was ok. They told me I was already there for another purpose, & traded swag for it, so they see no issue. So, I did not return it & my husband put it on display because he likes it so much.
  17. "If you are afraid of loneliness, do not marry." -Anton Chekhov
  18. You know, I like this. It's a good viewpoint, & maybe that's how we should think about it as well. We're still going to stick with the DNF+Email=Hint rule until someone is FTF..so nobody gets upset & all is fair for that little side game. But for the rest of it, I like your way better. More stress-free & less controlling, while still holding your own moral ground with the game. Thanks for putting it the way you did.
  19. I have forgotten the pen on a couple of occasions. I'll mark the log somehow. Sometimes I take a tiny triangular notch out of the log & tell the CO in the log exactly where that notch is located. (I'll usually notch it right after the ending word on a sentence printed on it, explaining that it's a geocache) What would I do as a CO? We're kind of strict CO's, I suppose. If you didn't make a mark, take a picture, or somehow prove that you were physically there (as opposed to someone telling you about it.) We would delete the log. Then again, we also don't provide extra hints on our caches until you've logged a DNF & emailed us for a hint (as opposed to calling us) thus making it fair for everyone as opposed to giving the advantage to those who know us & our number. So I guess you could say we are on the stricter side of things..but in the interest of everyone involved.
  20. We did have a blast. It was hot! But we got to meet a couple other cachers, drop off our TB (which hasn't moved yet, but what're ya gonna do?) & we had a great time bewildering all the shopping people. Worth it.
  21. That would be agigtating, wouldn't it? Serisouly... But no, it's just taking a minute for them to show up. From what I've read, they'll show up in due time
  22. <3 such simple truth to this one
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