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  1. But why not list them as 'micro' and in the description write "a nano". Is it so that those people who like micros but don't like nanos can filter out nanos by filtering out "other"? To be honest- it's how we learned. That's how they did it in WNC quite a bit, so that's how we learned to do it. However, I can also say that it's much less confusing for newbs too. When we didn't know what nanos were, when we saw "other", but then the description "nano", we knew to ask.. some poor souls are out there without knowing to ask, looking for an Altoids tin...because it says "micro".
  2. It depends on what else we've got going on, but it also depends on what we've got going on in the geocaching world as well. I've usually got caching on the mind, & if time spent thinking about it counts..I'm going to need professional help. Right now we have a series of caches coming out that has turned into a 15 cache series with a LOT of research involved. So it's become somewhat akin to having a part-time job at the moment. But a job I like. So much that I don't get paid for it. I like sinking my teeth into these big projects because I don't get to go out caching as much as I'd like. It's a good way to get the geo-fix.
  3. Ibtl Have you thought about renting a stand at the flea market? If there are plenty of cachers in your area, something like that may work.
  4. And I get really aggravated at hide-a-keys & Altoids tins being listed as smalls. To me, they can fit very little to no swag ..they are MICROS. If I can't fit a normal travel dog tag attached to a normal-sized keychain-like object in there, your cache is a micro.
  5. I always list them as "other", & then in the short description, I always write "a nano". I figure that way, nobody's confused.
  6. If you like the carved stamps, you might want to make sure you write on the cache page that you would like it if they carved their own, but you'll still end up getting some craft store bargain bin stamps in your log book- just a heads up on that. I'm going to watch this thread, because I've fallen in love with letterbox hybrids & plan to put some out, myself, very soon.
  7. & then we have one out there in which people wrote logs such as "DNF, it's been compromised. " & "DNF, we think it's on private land" (it's not)..my favorite, "DNF, the coords are wrong)...only for it to be found about 4 or 5 DNFs later, sitting pretty just where we left it, full of it's original Swag. (Good stuff) my theory is that some don't want to put in the footwork, & if others let those DNFs effect their game, they'll be missing out ina well-hidden, nice cache. But the truth is, DNFs do effect other people's game, that's why I wish people wouldn't get cocky & assume that since they can't find it, it's not there.
  8. We have one that people are "attempting"..but only one couple's officially found it since we put it out. It's not one that people are used to seeing, but the other half of the RhinoInAToga team checked on it today, & he saw a dude walk right up to it, stand there for a minute (with his GPS in hand) & then just turn around & leave. He didn't even touch anything. So..just because they aren't logging DNFs doesn't mean they aren't visiting it. I would say it doesn't mean they aren't looking for it, but I'm not sure that can be classified as looking for it...
  9. No, this is an Additional Logging requirement, and cannot be enforced. You can find 1 or 2 or 3 of these. If the cache owner deletes a find, he is in error. Here is a link to the Guideline section on Logging of Physical caches http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=309 To RhinoInAToga - Your "final" or bonus cache would be listed as a Unknown type, it would have bogus coords at the top of the listing. The other caches in the series would somehow allow cachers to get the coords for first stage. It would be submitted with 2 additional HIDDEN waypoints, one for the cache container with the maps, found from coords; and one for the container that the map will take you to. Thanks. Makes sense, & sounds simple. I haven't done an unknown cache yet. I think everything's decided. Hopefully it will all work out & the cachers around here will like it. We'll see!
  10. Thank you I didn't think of asking him. I'll use the Googled SCDNR map, & then send an email double-checking before we go out to place it. It is a pretty huge container to have to place twice
  11. Which means, in actuality, this is going to end up being a 15 stage cache. ...yikes!
  12. I understand that, I just don't need them to find the (true) final cache with coordinates. They need to use a map. I think we've settled on 2 stages to the final, with clues to the first stage (the box with the maps) in the first 13 caches.
  13. Final staged Cache looks like the best option. I list the first stage of the 2 stage final as a mystery cache? (Leaving clues to that stage in the other caches, of course)
  14. Trust me, it's not a letterbox hybrid. & there is definitely a strong link between the 13 caches & the prize final cache. I just somehow need to let them find it with a map. It makes so much sense for it to end that way.
  15. Awesomely helpful, thank you. However, the first question & answer: I know that this is usually how it's done (leaving clues in the other caches) but it would fit so perfectly if this didn't happen, and they instead used maps. (That I would be drawing, scanning,printing,& copying.) Hmmm... how about the clues leading them to a box of the maps? Or something like that?
  16. We have a cache series coming out soon, 13 caches, with a final "prize" cache (a large cache, about 6 ft. Long) I have three questions about it before we get any further with it. 1)Is it a good idea to not list the final cache on the site? It fits better with the series if we don't actually list it, but I'm guessing there might be a way that could go wrong. 2) is there somewhere I can obtain a full map of SCDNR land so we don't place anything where it doesn't belong? 3)How do I change the font color on the cache page? (I plan on adding background images, & black words would get lost.) Thanks in advance for any & all advice!
  17. The kind of "organization" like a local group of cachers getting together, with the intent of helping each other put some good caches out there & host good events....
  18. Domromer, I know you! You were FTF on two of our caches- the ammo can & the tape measure. We just recently moved here to Charleston, & we've noticed the lack of good caches in the area. We're thinking about throwing an 11-11-11 event to get to know some cachers, & then feeling the waters for creating some sort of organization so we can fix the issue. We're not terribly sure how to go about it, or if anyone around here would even be interested...that's what's been holding us back. Would it even be well received?
  19. if they get mad, can we not do the geocaching dance so they'll understand?
  20. Just popping back in to say that I've contacted a cacher and they have agreed to adopt them. Now all we're waiting for is for the online adoption process to be fixed so that we can make it happen thank you again!
  21. oooo she said "next time". -promise of a second date, must have gone well!
  22. "You have not been asked to adopt this listing." That's some Sherlock quality stuff. If I go and get a pitch fork will they notice? How about a torch? I can wait a few days. No problem.
  23. We are moving out of state, and we have contacted a fellow cacher that lives nearby. They have agreed to adopt our caches so that they can remain here. However, I tried to enter the GC codes to adopt them out to them, and it didn't work. It came back with "you have not recieved an option to adopt these caches" (or something close to this sentence) So, after a while it has come down to me banging on the enter button saying, "I knooooow. I want someone ELSE to have them!" But the computer won't answer me. Maybe I didn't knock hard enough.. I have looked for other options on how to do this with no success, and I am having difficulties. (to put it lightly) This is the link to where I was attempting this: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt Any and all advice is very much appreciated!
  24. Our little gecko is now just one state away from achieving its goal, halfway across the country. Everyone has been so great about moving it along
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