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  1. Thanks dadof6furballs. I guess the owner never being at the actual business is a disadvantage for one of my cache placement ideas. They did give me his card to call him- but I would imagine it would be difficult to get a face-to-face meeting with him..maybe I should hunt for a different spot. Although, the theme of that cache would have been cool.
  2. Any examples of what you might say, A & J?
  3. Ha unfortunately we haven't inherited green acres or anything...although I have heard it's the place to be.. I suppose some serious charm is called for.
  4. We have a few hides that are ready to go. We have walked into a few businesses & gotten the names & numbers of the owners. That's as far as it has gotten, however, because I realized we will have to call these people & explain to them that we have never met, but we would like to hide this container on their property that others have to come find. What do some of you say to business/land owners when asking for permission? (Ya'll DO ask for permission, right? )
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