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  1. I've got a related question. I may be traveling out of the country for two weeks, and hope to do some geocaching along the way. However, I don't log my finds until I get home when I go on vacation for fear of leaving a travel log for burglars. It's probably just paranoia, but I'd rather be safe about it. I expect I will drop a few of my own bugs along the way, and perhaps pick some up if I come across them. What would be the best thing to do in this case? Write in the written log that I will be waiting to log online until I return and that I would appreciate it if the person who grabs the TB waits until then? If I find a TB, should I e-mail the owner, tell them I have it, and that I will be logging it later on?


    Probably the bigger issue will be having the correct milage on my own bugs. How does that work? If someone grabs it before the owner drops it, what happens when the owner goes to drop it?



    found travelbug my ber, trek006, JV45AX... how do i log it, i have also drpped it


  2. I am using Mozilla Firefox.

    Trying to figure out how to do what you've just suggested :huh: .

    Don't worry about it - hook up the unit to your PC.


    Push the GPX button on any listing page.


    Save the file on the unit in the GPS folder - (the unit shows up as a "drive" letter).




    Oooops not easy for me. Press GPX button but when I press it comes with a window asking what should Firefox do with this file? If i press save file where does it go? On PC or GPS unit (the only thing showing on my GPS is window with words connected to PC).


    I have the same problem. did you solve yours, and then how did you do???


  3. Har precis köpt en magellan explorist gc men jag begriper inte hur jag ska överföra gps informationen på cachen från geocaching.com till min magellan. Det står insticksmoduler saknas. Jag har lagt till vad jag kunnat, men får samma svar. Jag har mozilla som webläsare. Jag tycker mig har försökt allt. jag är premium medlem. Jag tror jag blir tokig när jag inte fattar. Jag har även försökt med att trycka på gpx file och waypoint men inget hjälper. Jag har en mac. Snälla hjälp mig men steg för steg information. medvall

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