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  1. I disagree with waiting for the FTF to log on line first. Two examples why I do not wait : I found a cache 11 months ago and the cachers (not muggles) who found it the day before me still have not logged their find. And the only other find on it other than mine was 3 days ago. I found another cache 7/12/12. The cache was placed 7/1/12 and published 7/10/12. There was a log in the physical log book dated 7/1 saying they saw it being placed and snuck over to sign the log before the cache got muggled. They are from out of state and I guess they forgot to check and see that the cache got published.
  2. sassydil

    Topo maps

    Under the Leaflet map selection where you select map preferences: User Contributed Maps OpenStreetMap Powered OpenCycle, MyTopo and more... Any idea when MyTopo will be available? Yes, I realize MyTopo maps is a selection here: For online maps... Geocaching.com Map MyTopo Maps But no caches show up on the map.
  3. same problem here - unable to log in - worked fine an hour ago
  4. Any word on how to get MyTopo? I tried following the instructions in a previous link.
  5. Tried 2 PQ Sunday afternoon. They never ran. I deleted them, ran a third. Nothing yet. The Sunday box is checked but it has never run. It is now Monday morning.
  6. Many caches need a "special tool" - starting with tweezers & screwdrivers and they really have little or no difficulty involved. Some CO like to be able to brag they are hiding difficult caches. Some are placed so people can up their D/T statistics.
  7. Too many people above to quote - I agree with everyone who says: ditch the avatars reinstate the exact dates no opinion on "challenges" yet - so far not excited about them
  8. A short time ago someone tried to find one of my caches that had been in place for almost 4 years. The last searcher found a note saying "Box has been re-hid". They posted a picture of the note. I have no idea where the cache is. http://coord.info/GC167BE
  9. There's one near me that was published, then quickly retracted as it is in a closed area. Still shows up on the Beta map.
  10. It still wasn't working on Firefox an hour ago. Now it's okay. Play Twilight Zone music...
  11. This evening I'm having difficulty viewing maps using Firefox. It was working fine this morning. IE is okay. The upper map is a small vertical line. When I click on it I get a small message box that says "The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later." The lower Larger map (the interactive one) doesn't show the map images. If I navigate away (like clicking on Search Trackables) and navigate back, the maps show up. When I try View Map, the map page shows up and it goes into the "loading maps" loop and nothing happens.
  12. Liberty The hardest puzzle I haven't found.
  13. Actually, the cache is almost a drive-by on a decent dirt road. The road will be closed for the season soon, however. This cache is a drive by in a residential area not far from there. I found it Sept 29,2009 and it was almost a year before anyone else went after it.
  14. A few weeks ago a new one near me was published and I stopped to get it on the way to an appointment. One of the local hogs was there when I drove up and he said "Are we going to have to claim a joint FTF or are you going to come back later?" I thought that was a bit rude.
  15. I love it! Hey, we have a lot of terrain in Colorado and the topo really helps. I especially like the additional waypoints. Thanks!
  16. I ran one 40 cache PQ this morning, clicked for Wednesday (today). The query page shows it never ran. ETA : it just generated
  17. Mine just arrived. Thanks for the reset!
  18. I ran one today 4/17/2010 7:52:59 AM. Still no email.
  19. I just ran a My Finds PQ. The last time I ran it was about 3 weeks ago and everything was correct. The new one has bogus data - it says I haven't had any finds since January 7th 2009 and my total cache find is 6080. I'm actually up to 6625 as of yesterday. (Play Twilight Zone music.........)
  20. Receipt of the email or phone notification just depends on your service. I received the email on GC1D1HR shortly after 9 PM. Debated a bit about going out in the dark to get it and finally decided to load it and another new one and go for them. The cache is several miles from home and I was over there signing the log at 9:14 PM. The second to find didn't get it on his phone until 9:36 PM and got to the cache at 9:46 - I had gotten another FTF 4 miles down the road and was back home by then.
  21. You knew where the cache was and didn't find it? I'd go after it if I knew where the cacher lived!
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