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  1. Thanks!!! worked like a charm!
  2. I've made a few caches along a route utilizing Google Earth, so I'm comfortable in knowing what I'm doing. I also received that message, yet I have not requested a query in months... last time I had not completed a waver or something... Has something new come up that I need to do before doing a query? Or is there a system error? AMendment to the above... I read another post on how to remove/archive queries. Clean out my query list and now am able to run queries, again... look for a post asking how to remove or archive queries. Make sure you look for the icon- works like a charm!
  3. I have hotmail and am having the same problem... I was late to an event cache this morning because I was trying to get a query to go through to my email. I have had the problem in the past and found that if I did 3 or 4 of the same one, one of them would go through. I had no such luck this morning. I just tried to run the query from my bookmark, again... still appears to be getting lost in lost sock land. Leaving for Memphis this Friday... I hope this gets fixed before then!! It sure will stink having to manually load them all. update: I dug around into areas that I don't normally piddle with and found I had not agreed to the license bumbo jumbo stuff. I agreed, ran the query and then got the oh, sorry you have run too many queries for this account. Oh, well maybe tomorrow. Suggestion, is it possible to program a message into the query process so that a hard error occurs if the agreement isn't completed? As of now, the cacher has to dig in the forums after they get frustrated with not being able to do the queries... how many cachers just don't bother? I haven't up until now... If a cache account has not "agreed" to the licensing mumbo jumbo, they should not be able to run a query until they do... that will get their attention and get them on the right track. Ok, I have officially stepped off my soap box, folded it up and placed it back into storage. Hopefully, my queries are back on track tomorrow and I don't have to dust it off tomorrow
  4. goobers5

    Pocket Queries

    Not sure what Charter is, but I have Hotmail. I have been trying to do a pocket query for 2 days. Followed the same steps as I have in the past and have not received a single one, yet.... Yes, I checked my junk mail, even sent it to my work email...nothing, nodda, zippo... Has GC confirmed or made any comments on whether this is a GC problem??? K, abort, abort, abort... Either I am impatient or the queries are taking a lot longer to process. Maybe I should add patience to my new years resolutions...
  5. I like it! Follows the K.I.S.S. rules...
  6. Hmmm, what kind of heel? I guess the heel who's husband lost his job the week after Christmas and eating breakfast or getting coffee outside of the home may not be in the budget? I can cache all I want, because my GPS is paid for. I eat breakfast at home, because the groceries are paid for. I was going to let this event go, not mention it and likely not go, but...I do have a verbal apology to make to another player. Just because someone doesn't order at a restaurant, doesn't make them a heel. It means they may have other priorities.
  7. I tried everything the Army had to offer, hey wasn't there a slogan back in the day? Be all that you can be, in the army. That was my motto. I started out as an MP in the Army Reserves, then a truck driver in the Nat'l Guard, then an MP in Active Army. Then, I figured I would try this Inactive Ready Reserve stuff. That was fun, but no pay check got old. So, back to the Army Reserve as an MP. There I found out how deployment in the reserves is. There were good days and there were a lot more bad days (thank goodness there was beer, though). And after 16 years, I have done all the military had to offer. Duty stations include: Heidelberg, Germany; Ft.Drum, NY; Egypt; Cuba; Panama; Ft. Campbell, KY and a couple boring places in MO. Glad I did it, but sure am glad I am done with it!
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