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  1. 14 hours ago, Phronimos said:

    Personally I’m VERY disappointed with the whole new cache listing changes. I always create, then review the finished product, and finally Submit. But now I am not able to edit my newly created cache listing. Yes, I’ve checked the Conditions checkbox, clicked Save and Preview, and my changes are not reflected in the listing. I’ve submitted the cache. Then cancelled the submission, edited, saved and resubmitted - another three times. Now it’s in the Reviewer’s queue again and the listing does not reflect my changes. After 108 hides I am reticent to hide any more. This is SO FRUSTRATING!

    Also why does an event have to be a T1? I’ve held events with D1/T4 in the past - on the summit of a mountain!

    Like me Phronimos lives in New Zealand and we do not have States or Provinces in our country but before the new changes we were able to choose North Island or South Island. Now we are unable to edit our submitted cache pages as the State/Province drop down box does not recognize North or South Island despite the option being there. I have proved this by changing my country to US and choosing Alabama and I successfully edited my cache. When I choose New Zealand and North Island, I get a red error saying please choose a State or Province (see attached photo) and any edit I have done is not saved. Can this bug/error please be addressed

    gc error.JPG

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