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  1. I received this reply by email: Just temporary - so I don't think it was related to the other problems you guys have been having...
  2. Disregard - appears to be working again
  3. Attempting to access any page in my profile area of the website (URL starting www.geocaching.com/my) results in 500 server error. I have reported to help center. Was working in the past 20 minutes. Hoping this isn't just me...
  4. I have one in Perth, Australia at the moment if you're heading over that way first - a bit of a long shot I know
  5. where is the live video screen at Westfield?
  6. If you're up for some very challenging puzzle caches, have a look at LittleG Magic's caches in Christchurch, but look at them before you leave home they also have some great hides
  7. On the "Saved" tab of the app, there is a section for Groups at the top. Is there any way to add bookmark lists or watchlist to this section on iPhone? Or add anything for that matter?
  8. Thanks guys thats all really helpful
  9. What is the best thing to do when the cache info shows a TB in the inventory but then when you get there its not in there? Do I just ignore it or make a note on the TB page thats it not where it says it is or is there a way to log it as not there or something. I have been to a few caches recently where the TBs in the inventory aren't actually in the cache.
  10. Can anyone help me with a type of mathematical manipulation called "F2's, known as Adamson and Turner" it has got me stumped
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