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  1. We have a 3x3 or something like that sticker from the geostore thingy. I think it really stands out and it's just the geo symbol so only those who understand know what it is. We also have a backpack with the symbol on it. So you can definately tell we are geocachers. I think the online store though geocaching has very good prices and they ship very fast.

  2. The last couple event's I have went to had event caches. They had logbooks and we signed them just like a normal find. So I had no choice but to sign them on the event page. We are still fairly new and I had no idea how hot of a topic this was. I tried to post about each cache and not just do a random copy and paste thing like I read someone say. So I guess that means some people would say I was wrong to do that?


    I'm confused.

  3. According to my son's physical therapist he is not a good candiate for the surgery. Who knows what life has in the future though. We found a great doctor here in Ft Wayne that puts Jeremiah to sleep when he gets botox. I wouldn't want to be awake for 18-22 shots either.


    If she is good with the crutches they might be better. I know with Jeremiah's walker it just doesn't want to go on grass. Just try different things out and figure out what works best.


    You can email me at dragons_luver@verizon.net if you ever want to chat. Nice to meet you.

  4. Apparently, IN has no infected ticks


    That's really great to hear. I have had 2 in my head just in the last month. My poor dog had one in his ear. This is the 2nd person I have heard from that said Don't Worry.


    Now if I can just get over the yucky feeling.

  5. Yes Jeremiah has mild CP as well. He uses a walker at school and sometimes crutches. He gets tired very quickly for long distances though. Just recently he has been able to walk while holding one hand very well too. He impressed us all last time he got his botox shots by walking unassisted 150 yards but hasn't done that since his botox has started to wear off.


    We had a normal kids wagon but it just didn't cut the off-roading trips like this one. The rubber tires are key everyone kept telling us.

  6. 144557657_420559bbd8.jpg


    Here is a pic of Jeremiah's wagon. The base was from Menard's and it's a utility wagon (I think). So we bought some boards to build sides to make him feel secure. My grandfather works with wood and he made a seat with arms and back for the extra support. Later we have bought foam pads that goes under his bum and behind his back to help with the bumps. You could easily put a seatbelt on it to help with a child who has less control. I hope this helps. Good Luck finding what works best for you. I know Jeremiah loves his wagon.


    Oh and Later we painted the wood with patio paint a bright red. I also found a place on the internet to by a sticker with the handicap sign so people can understand why he is in the wagon. Now it really looks great I think. But this is the clearest picture of it.

  7. Hello and Welcome to caching. My son has cerebral palsy and is physical not able to walk without assistance. We have made him an off-roading wagon and that seems to be the best way. I know most the ones we have found his wheelchair wouldn't make it.


    The best advice is try ones that are 1/1 most those "should" be handicapped. If not make sure to let the owner of the cache know cause 1 should mean that.


    I can't think of any certain ones to point out. There are a few here in Ft Wayne. One is at a local hospital and there is a path right up till it almost.

  8. Does "Right of Way" make sense in the context of the cache pages or logs that you were reading?


    Hmm Yeah that might make sense. I haven't searched for one of these yet but I plan on one tomorrow. So I guess I will have to check and see. Thank you very much for your help.

  9. I have seen a few cache descriptions that say something like.....The cache is hidden in the ROW. I have looked at all the FAQs and acronym files but can't find what ROW means. Someone please help.

  10. Well, I thought that we as "Hams", we could let the public know that we are still out there and having fun with the hobby. Maby even get a net together some of the nights or something.


    Just thoughts. Open to any.

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