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  1. Hello I'm having a problem that I hope someone can help me correct. Let's see if I can explain it. On the My Account details page where on the right hand side it has the bar that has Search options, account options, and premium features what not. In the Search Options there is a List Newest in line. It used to say Indiana but now it says United States. How do I change it back so I can see the newest in Indiana again? Thanks for your help.

  2. We will be there. We got a room at the Inn Saturday night. Bringing along Lighthouse Lookers and 2 Muggle friends that want to see what Geocaching is all about.


    T-Shirt?? Cool Hopefully you have big sizes.

  3. That one I would log, what a great idea. Does he go back and look at everyone that logged them? Have you ever thought about making him a TB? We have a person here in AZ that had the TB tag tattooed on his arm, to log him you have to post a picture of you with him, that way he can look back and put faces with names. I would not sugest tattooing your sun, but I have heard of a few people who wear the tag around there neck, and have similar requirments for logging them.


    Yes we love looking and reading what people have said about him and what they think. He LOVES reading what people wrote. I love the idea of the tattoo too funny. No I don't think I will be tattooing my 8 yr old haha. Actually he has a play tent that we setup at events with a lot of toys and fun stuff. We made that a TB and said If you come by and play a bit you can log the find. I take a lot of pictures so we can remember most the people that way.

  4. My son loves to meet and talk with new people. A very nice gentleman sent Jeremiah a coin in the mail. I had never thought of buying one before this. I had heard many horror stories of them being stolen and what not. So I told Jeremiah he could show people and give them a business card with the number on it so they can log that they discovered it. We took the coin to the Midwest Geobash. My son smiled so bright the whole time. He would point at someone and say Mom can I please show him my coin. He enjoyed having something to talk about with new people. It helped him not be shy. Now we have about 10 coins to share. I would never give them away cause they are Jeremiah's coins. Unfortunately my son has Cerebral Palsy and doesn't get around that easy. So this was the perfect thing for him to be able to do.


    This is why we do it at least. Hope you understand.

  5. I would like to say one point of view. My son is physically handicapped. We went to a Spring picnic here in Indiana. The person running the event put out 3 Kid's caches on a trail that could be caches but he lives too far away to maintain them. We found these 3 and signed the log just like any other cache. It was a lot of fun. It was also all on one path so we could get them without having to load up our van and go to the next cache. I'm with everyone that says Let people log them if they want. No one I think is trying to force people to log them. All the event caches we have logged have been log books we have signed and they were a lot of fun.


    Also I don't consider myself number hungry by any means. Event caches make sense though. There is several good reasons to give them their own catagory. Thanks.

  6. We didnt' forget him. Besides the new cache we placed. We'll have something out there that will be more accessible for him too...


    Oh Thank you very much. Jeremiah just enjoys playing in his tent with the kids that happen by as well. He also loves picking on Lord Elwood but who doesn't. :)

  7. Our team will be there. Looking forward to eating oh I mean chatting with fellow cachers. Jeremiah will have his play tent again. That always seems to draw the kids over. So stop by and say Hi.

  8. Wow only 1 word....




    Main Entry: quest

    Definition: search

    Synonyms: adventure, chase, crusade, delving, enterprise, examination, expedition, exploration, hunt, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, investigation, journey, mission, pilgrimage, prey, probe, probing, pursual, pursuit, quarry, research, seeking, voyage

  9. We found out about geocaching and tried to learn how to do it. We set out for our first day and totally didn't figure it out haha. So we posted on a local board. There was a small park in a housing addition by us that had a cache. The owner said he would meet us and help us figure it out. So off we went to meet up. We were sitting there waiting for this mystery person and found out it was an old college buddy. He lived just a few blocks from us for years and geocaching brought us back together.

  10. Welcome to another Hoosier. We live in Ft Wayne. It seems like we have a nice mix up here. One thing I worry about though is too many people placing level 5's. Because of my son we have a hard time doing anything above most level 2's. I agree with you though there needs to be a nice mix of all the above.


    Good Luck finding what you are looking for.

  11. We have a TON of them here in Indiana. I don't really know what I feel. We have done a few and most of them are placed in places that aren't right on top of a grave. I feel a little icky though like I'm not supposed to be there. There is some wonderful history behind them and some of the stones are amazing to see. So see I'm confused. I've heard rumors that they are getting a bit carried away though. A friend found one the other day and said to reach it she thought she would have to stand on a headstone. She refused though. So I guess it's okay to a point. I have heard other complaints about this making it hard to place other caches cause there is a cemetary on every corner practically.

  12. Congrats! We have 70 now and plan on coming down to your area a lot more often cause it seems you guys have the best caches. You gotta watch out for some of Trickworm's hides we spent a half hour looking for one. Yes we finally found it but now everytime we hear Trickworm we say Oh No here we go haha.

  13. 1. Many of the temporary caches were clos"er" together than typical cache locations, this made it very easy for the several handicapped people attending the event to enjoy geocaching as well, one of whom was wheelchair bound. The first event I went to, I also saw 2 cars with disabled plates that were participating in the events. I could see how it would be much easier to do these for a physically challenged person rather than reloading a wheelchair in a car, etc...


    Yes Exactly! It's a great chance to grab a bunch of caches in the same place. My son is physcially handicapped. Maybe there really could be an event cache catagory setup but I don't know how much work this would be. Thank you lonesumdove for putting the words better than me.

  14. I wouldn't be offended at all to see a cat on a leash. I think it would be neat. You have to have something on it so it's doesn't run away. Especially when surrounded by geo-dogs. I say Go For It.

  15. A friend told me about geocaching and called it Yuppy Treasure Hunting. I told my family about it and my son then 7 got excited. So we started and I fell in love. It gets us outside. It is something we do as a family. For that time we aren't sitting at home on the couch. We are walking and feeling better about ourselves. The hunt is fun and the trades are like finding treasures. It's amazing how excited we get over finding worthless stuff in the woods haha.

  16. 94) Finally something we can do that actually requires us to get off the couch!


    95) In my son's eyes he can do anything. (My son has a physical handicap but we go geocaching with no problems cause we want him to think he can do anything if you put your mind to it.)

  17. Another big thing I want to complain about is the sizes. My husband is a big guy and needs 4x shirts. Now I know for a fact he isn't the only big guy into geocaching and yet most of the shirts I have found only go up to 2x. That's really leaving out a large market of people.

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