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  1. I have a Garmin 62st for walking and a Magellan GC for geocaching.
  2. Hi Libby If you live in Pembrokeshire one of the most beautiful caches I have done was WATERFALL WONDER GC1R6VF. If that doesn't restore your faith in geocaching nothing will. The walk is great the carpark is safe and the waterfall is beautiful. Good Luck.
  3. Make the caches Premiun Members Only. That way it may make the members a bit more thoughtful towards other members and the effort they make in bringing us the geocaches.
  4. Maintenance shouldnt be a problem as i plan to visit 3 or 4 times a year. But I agree with you that i should also contact a local geocacher to take care of it in my absence. THanks for the advice. Iwill try to sort out a local geocacher first. Thanks Ian
  5. In Camogli there is a square dedicated to my Great-Grandfather Andrea Repetto called Largo Tristan Da Cunha. I would like to place a cache nearby, can you tell me how you go about putting a cache in a village in another country. I will be in Camogli from 7th Sept to 20th Sept. Any advice will be welcome. I am living in the UK and my Italian is not very good, but getting better Many Thanks Ian
  6. I have found that a lot of caches are now members only. I agree with this as anyone can sign up and help themselves to whatever they want. A serious Geocacher will become a proper member and play the game fair and proper. Maybe all caches should be members only
  7. I bought mine from the USA NEW BOXED for £45 + shipping and it comes with everything you need. It is an excellent piece of kit for geocaching. No problem with loading your Pocket Queries onto it. Very accurate and it has all the little B and C roads on it as well. the only problem I have with it is, if you walk to fast it takes a few seconds to catch up. I have got use to it now and when I am 100ft away from the cache I slow down and wait for it to catch up. Regards Ian
  8. If it is under 500 queries you will recieve the PQ in an e-mail. 1: Make sure your Mag GC is conected to your PC 2: Click on the zip file and click open 3: When Winzip or Winrar appears click on export 4: Export Waypoint files to waypoints and the Geocache file to geocache. You can tell which is which by either the size of the file ( waypoint is smaller ) or the fact that the geocache file is a GPX and the waypoint file is a wpts.gpx That is all I do. If it is over 500 queries you have to go to PQ and then downloaded PQ and click on it and do the same as the email version. Hope that helps. If you have any dificulty understanding please PM me and I will run through it with you Regards Ian
  9. All you do is go to waypoints click menu then ADD waypoint then down to co-ordinates Hope that helps Ian
  10. Finding sweets in cache box. What is the matter with people who put sweets in cache's. If I see one in a cache I throw it out. If they are that stupid I am suprised they managed to find the cache in the first place lol...
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