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  1. Why are these two stat different? The one not showing was a find at GC367PT. Orokawa Pa site found21 May 2019
  2. I have a new laptop with windows 10 I have downloaded garmin plugin and change browser to Internet Explorer When I want to send a cache to my GPS I get the box come up and it shows it has detected the GPS but when I hit the send to GPS -the file name comes up but it does not come up saved successfully or actually send it to the GPS Can anyone help please
  3. Hi I live not far from this cache and would like to complete if you need help - please let me know if you still want to do this Regards Kathryn Hi I've just visited GCMYD6 'Over the Pole North to South' in the UK and collected the location of the second part of this cache in Greerton, Tauranga, New Zealand. I am hoping that there is somebody willing to help me complete this cache by finding the second part of this multi with the waypoint I have collected. There is also another cache similar to this that works in the opposite direction: GCMYWH 'Over the Pole South to North' NZ which I would be happy to complete in exchange (although it seems to have been archived which is unfortunate). If this cache gets fixed I will be more than happy to complete the UK part of it as I live less than a mile from Finchampstead where the main cache is located. Please message me or reply to this post if you would like to join in in completing two unusual caches. Thanks, Chris
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