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  1. I am not sure which way to go. I have a 60CSX and I like it a lot. I also have the 24K micro SD card for it for Idaho. When I go to see my Daughter in Lewiston Id we go to Washington, and Oregon sometimes. My 24K maps don't go there. I also go to Utah, Nevada. Again my 24K map set does me no good. I do have the TOPO maps in a Micro SD card but they are not Routable, and no points of interest. So the question is do I get a City Navigator micro SD card for the 60 CSX or do I get a nuvi 205W? I can get either one for 100 dollars or less. I also already have everything to mount in my truck. Thanks Ron
  2. OK, I am understanding the thought. The GPS is NOT level when it is in the window mount. SOOO the compass is not working right. I am driving less than 10 MPH so the GPS direction is not kicking in. I set it to 1 MPH and 5 seconds. I will try that and see. Thanks Ron
  3. I have a new 60csx. I installed topo 24 k for Idaho, and this problem is hard to explain. I have been noticing that when I am driving about 5 miles per hour “mostly in the desert” going north, The Map will be facing the wrong way. I have the unit set for track up, and the software is 4.0. I will be actually driving north, and the north arrow at the top will be pointing actually south. The indicator arrow that is “me” will be pointing north the way I am driving, but will be traveling backwards on the screen. Even if I turn and then head west the map doesn’t change. When I speed up to say 10 miles per hour is fixes it self so the north pointer is pointing north and the map is correct and the little pointer that is “me” is pointing and traveling in the right direction. This is very difficult to explain and I am sorry for the poor explanation. I have seen this several times now and I can see how this would get a person “lost” and would like to correct this problem. Thanks Ron
  4. I have a very old Etrex Camo, and a very old Etrex Legend. Both of them had problems with the band coming off. I ended up taking the band off. I cleaned the band and the GPS body with mineral spirits carefully. I used Black RTV silicone that is rated for engine blocks. I put a thin amount on the unit and the band. I put the band back on and used masking tape to keep it in place. Those units have been running for at least 5 or 6 years with that fix. It works like a charm you just have to go slow and do it right. The mineral spirits I think is the key. Everything is clean. The RTV sticks like crazy and you can remove the excess if you mess up. Ron
  5. I picked up 24 K to go into my 60csx. The points of interest are way off. It shows a auto body shop over 3 miles south of where it really is. A store is about 3 miles south, and I was amazed that my wife’s business was on there but it was about 1/4 mile north of where it really is. I don't want to sound like I am nit picking but 3 miles off is a long way. I have not checked it out much but I can see it is off by a long shot on a lot of the points of interest. Is this something I need to contact garmin over? Ron
  6. I have an old version of mapsource TOPO and Roads and Rec. They have all the new updates. I am thinking about getting a new 60CSX. Can I load these on the 60 csx? If I can will they load on a micro card or internal memory? How does thiis work? Thanks Ron
  7. I have an old legend, and a very old etrex camo. The band came off both units several years ago. I cleaned the bands and the units with mineral spirits and glued them with Permatex RTV silicone gasket maker. The rubber band seemed like it was a pinch too long but I put it in place and lined up the buttons. Then I wrapped the unit in masking tape until it dried. Like i said that was years ago and have never had another problem. Heat does not affect it no at all. Ron
  8. I had some trouble with my Mapsource program it is about 10 years old or something like that. It locked up and I could not get it to work no matter what I did. I tried to zoom in on the eastern USA and I didn’t have the CD. Anyway I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, then I did an update. Well I put the mapsourse disk in the external CD drive E and installed it, I was playing a CD on the D drive at the time. Now every time I need to zoom in it says put the mapsource CD into the E drive. Well The E drive is not working and I need to make it work on the D drive. Can I do this? Ron
  9. I have glued both of mine back on. I went to the local NAPA auto parts store and got some, "Permatex Ultra Black Hi-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker number 598B" I cleaned the old glue off with mineral spirits and let it dry. I applyed a thin layer of the RTV on the gasket and put it back on the GPS. I made sure where the buttons were and taped it with masking tape and let it dry. After it was dry I took off the extra silicone that leaked out from under the gasket and it was good to go. Mine has lasted 2 year and counting. Ron
  10. Well I went to radio shack and the only one they had there had a floppy for drivers I don't have a floppy drive. Well I went to the next largest town and I found one at Best Buy. I can't remember the name of the cable but it did not have drivers. The pimple faced kid said don't worry man it will work I went to the radio shack there and they had one with drivers, CD drivers I could have found a better deal on ebay but I didn't want to wait. I got the cable and installed it just as the book said to and everything worked fine in Mapsource. I did have a little trouble with NG topo but it was a set up problem and soon it was fine as well. I had to tell it to look for com port 4. Anyway thanks for the help. The one thing I have found about this BB is people here got a clue and don't mind helping guys like me that don't have a clue Thanks Ron
  11. I could not get the search to work. I got a new computer and it does not have a serial port for my Legend. Has anyone tried one of these connectors? How does it work? Do I need drivers? Any info would be great, thanks. Ron
  12. I saw in yesterdays Times News that three young men had to be rescued while caching. Anyone here what happened? here is a link. Ron http://www.magicvalley.com/home/archives/i...OCAL_STATE_NEWS
  13. The way I understand it the 125$ gets you a new to you rebuilt unit not just a fix. With that said I glued both of my etrex bands back on and it worked GREAT. First take off the band. Clean the band AND the GPS with mineral spirits. The old glue MUST come off for this to work close don't cut it. Then go to a auto repair shop, I went to a NAPA store. Get some "permatex ultra black HI-Temp RVT silicone gasket maker number 598B" This stuff is great I have had it on for two years now and it is the bomb. Ron
  14. What about roads and rec? will it auto route off of that in the desert? Ron
  15. I don't have one yet. Can the legend C auto route with TOPO? Will it auto route in the desert where the roads are not named? thanks Ron
  16. I cleaned mine with mineral spirits and then glued them with "hi temp RTV silicone gasket maker" from Permatex. It was easy and it worked GREAT!!! Ron
  17. Unless they have changed the glue you will have problems. Ron
  18. I am just wonderingif everyone forgot about the stupid rubber gasket falling off the etrex line? I have the camo and the old legend. I have had to glue the gasket back on to both units. I have also heard of the click stick being a pain in the rump. I would like to get as new unit soon. I am going to get the 60c because no gasket, no click stick, more memory, and from what i have heard a better antenna. So far I have not heard of a rocker switch going bad has anyone heard of one? The size of the etrex is great but the gasket falling off is a big down side. Ron
  19. I went to the local second hand store today. They had some solar lights that you put around your yard for a buck. I got them took them home, and took them apart. There is four in the package and each unit has two AA batterys that say, 1.2 v 550mAX14hr Ni-Cd Can I use these in my GPS? Thanks, Ron
  20. Does the legend c and the vista c still have that piece o cr@p rubber band around them? Ron
  21. I got that same thing once. I removed Mapsource and reinstalled it. Then I updated it before I tried to load maps again. It worked for me. Ron
  22. I am in need of a lanyard does anyone have a extra thay would like to sell? Ron
  23. I have read for some time that the etrex line has problem with heat and glue. I have NEVER left mine in a car and it has NEVER been above body temperature EVER. Well my Camo unit is always in the basement in a cool area. I have a Legend that I use all the time, so the camo unit is only used in the fall. Well the rubber gasket came off yesterday when I was loading waypoints. The glue was not sticky, it was more greasy for a lack of a better word. Like the gluse had broke down in some way. I cleaned it with mineral spirits, and used a high temp RVT silicone to glue it back on. Today I took off the tape keeping it in place. It appears to have worked well. My question is to the people that have done this before. How long has it lasted, and how did you like the job you did, and what did you glue it with? Ron
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