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  1. I PQ 200 caches per query. For the 5 major areas I can go to. Or the specific area that I want to hunt. Loaded as 5 files puts 1000 Geocaches on my Explorist. As I go up the coast and reach the outer limits of that file I just switch to the next one. This usually overlaps the prior file by quite a margin. Changing the active set up is just a few button pokes away.
  2. 32 caches 4 watchers. 1/8 of a cacher per cache .125
  3. So all the new forum posters go find that thread started in May of 2003. Go to page 18 post # 1437 and in a timely fashion add your remarks. I know you will feel good about joining in a lively discussion.
  4. Besides if we only use these old discussions only the old timers views will be represented. *G*
  5. First one they logged. Seems to me they were part of a team and is changing names. Got tired of changing the date so just logged them. June 24, 2004 by MASTER OF MY DOMAIN (353 found) FOUND IT. NICE CACHE! [view this log on a separate page] June 24, 2004 by INDIANA GEO JONES (360 found) FOUND THIS ONE WITH TEAM PRETORIUS. IF NOT FOR THEM I PROBABLY WOULD NOT HAVE FOUND IT. GREAT HIDING SPOT [view this log on a separate page] June 24, 2004 by SKULLZNBONES (319 found) My daughter found this one, I was stumped and looking in the wrong place. Thanks for the cache. Pretorius [view this log on a separate page]
  6. They will have my name, address, phone number etc. But they are not getting me to put my name and password in an unsecured web page. If someone wants one so bad they will just create a new account or steal the bug from a cache. So why make me give my user name and password?
  7. 11 miles to a new cache 18 miles to the next active unfound by me cache 40 miles to the first active micro I haven't found I'd love to see a little micro spew around here.
  8. I flew a couple weeks ago and each flight we were told you may now use electronics as long as they don't transmit or receive a signal.
  9. I once did a cache that the GPS said was 35 feet inside a fenced in self storage area. I did not climb the fence. It was an evil micro and I just assumed it was magnetized and stuck somewhere on the fence. Unless the OP trespassed and found the cache why is it just assumed it is where his GPS says? If you haven't found the cache how can you be sure it need to have an SBA filed on it?
  10. Two pages of sniveling over a full log in a micro. I need to get a life cuz I read it all. ahahahaha Must be an east coast thing, out west we just replace the log or note it in our found log and move on with our lives.
  11. hey that worked for the temp. no longer reading 572 degrees now shows 72. Compass still points wrong on mine. Maybe needs to be pointed accurately north during the calibration process.
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