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  1. I like it. I'd also assume that it was either inert or I was FTF as the last person would not have reset the trap and there were no severed fingers on the ground. My kids must be smarter than some others kids as they can distinguish a cache from a working trap that seem to be so over prevailant around here. Had to step over so many of them on my last geocaching trip. I'm more fearfull of encountering a "Deliverance" moment than a trap in the woods. (cue banjo music)

  2. It's the flat rate of $180. What if it is just a simple fix. Then the price would seem excessive. If the unit needs replaced then it would be fair. Seems to me they charge a replacement fee reguardless of the problem.

    If I take my car to a mechanic he doesn't charge me what it costs to replace the car when he changes the spark plugs.

    How I'd like them to handle this? Perhaps look at it first then decide if it can be fixed cheaper or if it needs replaced.

  3. In a hurry I grabbed the wrong auto charger for my Magellan and proceeded to fry it. After reading about Magellans customer service I was worried. So I let my wife call them instead. She was on vacation anyways. After two calls to India, and repeated "could you repeat that" She got all the info. $180 flat fee. Whether it is a quick fix or unfixable. Paid for before they will authorize it to be sent in. After reading about Garmins CS I'm almost ready to change.....

    Anybody else get the same customer service from Magellan?

  4. Ah analogies. Living in farm country, if it went against local guidelines, yes I would. We all live together.


    You lost me.

    Telling your neighbour what to plant in their garden is not the same as telling them that what they intend to plant is against local guidelines.


    Telling cache owners how to handle their caches won't work, it is their cache

    The cache is already approved so it meets the GC guidelines.

    Would you tell the cache owner he had to retract the permission he gave?

    If the people finding the cache log it as a Find and the cache owner said to do that does anyone have any right deciding that their transaction is flawed?

    I'm lost at this logic. Cache is MIA and just because the cache owner says log it that makes it right?

    So I can plant a cache and have it go missing and just tell people to log it multiple times? After all I am the cache owner. But it still wouldn't be right.

  5. make a category called to log or something of that nature. Put the found caches here that you have not logged. Then at the end of the day view that category and change them to the found category as you log them. This is how I did it on my Palm.

  6. Will Jeep for Cache I have a solution to the over hiding.

    Move out here.

    There are 437 caches in the 50 mile perimeter from my home.

    of those I only have 120 to yet find. And they are way out towards the fringe of the 50 miles.

    There are 3654 in the 50 mile perimeter of your first cache find.

    Take the Jeep and head out off road to find cache hiding locales.


    Being in town running errands. Just what did you really expect? A scenic overlook? A view of the ocean? To expect a "thrilling" cache would be what I call wishful thinking.

    You have really low expectations, as do many, which is pretty sad. I can tell you from firsthand experience, quality is not impossible, it just requires a little effort.


    Not low expectations. But realistic expectations. I do realize there can be a gem amongst the rocks. But they are the exception not the rule. I was just amazed that the poster said the thrill was gone and just went home. That seemed a bit drastic to me to have the wind taken out of the sails so easily.

  8. If they're hiding in meaningful spots that's one thing. But just to put a cache in a location cuz there isn't one within a tenth of a mile irritates me.


    You mean like one in the bushes in front of a pizza hut.....I was running errands yesterday and just followed my GPS to a nearby cache to see if I wanted to bother. Started zeroing in on it and when I realized the area (Between a Pizza Hut and a Mexican resturant), the thrill was gone and I went home. I didn't pick up this game/sport to find boring caches in front of WalMarts, Pizza Huts, under Lamp Posts, etc.....


    Being in town running errands. Just what did you really expect? A scenic overlook? A view of the ocean? To expect a "thrilling" cache would be what I call wishful thinking.

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