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  1. I went to get map source so I could play with loading some maps and this is what I got from the garmin site.


    MapSource software version 6.14.1

    as of July 18, 2008


    Download (59.65 MB)

    View download instructions and system requirements



    WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product.

    This version of MapSource no longer supports Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows NT.

    Works with Windows Vista.

  2. Bondo has held up real well. I paint it with cheap acrylic craft paint. Couple caches going on several years with no sign of wear on them. Paint has held up well also. Bondo is easy cheap and quick. Rough it up as it is drying gives a great texture. Proper painting can make it look like bark, dirt clods or dog poo.... Smash cotton balls in it let it dry then pick most the cotton off for a molding fuzzy texture.

  3. Become a premium member. Get pocket queries in groups of 200. Use gsak and put caches in 200 at a time. Make multiple PQ's for different areas. Load them as a different database in gsak load them 200 at a time into the 600. Have thousands loaded at a time. Use the Iphone for looking up cache page if need be.

  4. I sit by my computer waiting for any cache to pop up within 30 miles. I read the cache page and check the map. I then determine if I have time to do it before work, bed, kids sports or any other thing. Don't care if it's lame or great. Micro or big. Will hike or hit a parking lot. I'm just happy to have something close to find.

  5. Sure seems like an awfull lot of trouble to go to just to gather 25-30 cell phone numbers. Setting up the servers and prepaid phone and all. Then taking the time to write all them scripts etc.... Yup gonna make a million selling that huge list of numbers.....

    Well back to reality.. Wait, not yet. I still have some more reading to do in the forums...

  6. I have bought several batteries. The knock off high capacity brand was too thick to fit in the GPS all the motorola batts worked great. Bought a T720 phone charger that also charges an addditional battery. All were had for 5 bucks or less on e-bay. With 4 batteries I can cache all weekend without needing to charge anything.

  7. I was FTF on a cache that had a set of TB tags as a prize. I left it for the next person thinking some of the areas newer cachers might get it. the next three finders also left it So the prize went to the fifth finder.

    So nope the prize doesn't matter.

    cache GC17DC0

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