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  1. Well, after sending an e-mail to the address linked in the policy article, I got a reply. The restrictions involved, for me at least, aren't worth the savings in buying the codes cheap.

    The entire batch gets the same name, all designs have to be approved first- seems like a real nuisance for homemade items- and the phrase "trackable at geocaching.com" has to be on it.

    So I'll just order TB tags. When published, the TB tag was attached, not my fault the person removed it and just uses the code that was also burned on.


    after extensive search the cheapest i could get was 6 for 25.99 google "6 Pack 2014 Halloween Series Tags" if that helps

  2. when it rains it pours...thanks. messages sent.


    I sent out some responses to the above, dont know if they got them, so just posting it.

    the first two digits of the N and W will be given, you are looking for the minutes xx.xxx for each after the + sign.

    just wondering if anyone can get it, and how difficult it is. dont post the answer, or the method, just if you can solve it.



  3. This is a test of 2 car gps machines, a blackberry, and my new etrex 20. I was sitting inside my truck, in the driveway.


    The other items were almost a block away, the etrex put me in the passenger side of the truck when i matched it to google maps. Bang on.

    See map

  4. I dont care either way, but just for logics sake, how is a buried cache that is grandfathered, different in the eyes of a fastidious park ranger than one done yesterday? Wouldnt the cautuion, "just one might get the park banned of geocaches" be sort of lets say apocryphal, if to the ranger there is no difference? I mean if the opinion of geocachers is at stake, wouldnt the old be just as bad as the new? Shouldnt the old be archived along with the new, since the point of the rule is to prevent an outcome that both are equally likely to cause? Just because this discussion got stale...discuss.

  5. critique, beta tester for a puzzle idea wanted?


    I have come up with an original idea for a puzzle and wonder if there is a place to get a puzzle person to see if it is too easy or difficult and how I should implement it in a direct or indirect manner. Dont know exactly where to post this, as i havent read all the forums and this doesnt really fit in with the topics.

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