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  1. I would post that it is what it is in the listing. Also if it is in any way difficult to close, it wont be. Most people cant handle closing tupperware let alone a ten minute struggle with a puzzlebox. I would make a difficult to solve coordinate finding challenge first to keep the iq level of potential finders on the high side.

  2. many stage puzzle multi, can i break it up and keep it one?


    So i have a puzzle multi, with several field puzzles, that are kinda difficult. I had it in a forest all set up with one puzzle leading to the location of the next, and then you had to recall what you had found to unlock the final. The next day kids had already made off with two of them, so I looked for a less kid-ful place. The puzzles are rather difficult, but with many of them I wanted to keep them in one forest, which meant a multi. Now looking at other people have traditionals that call for remembering something written on previous traditionals. So I am wondering what is actually defined as a "waypoint"


    I kind of want to make "shrine" with all the field puzzles in one location. With the final right there, but you cant open it without data from offsite finds. (Um each field puzzle would lead you to a different sub final, which would give you data to open the shrine final. In the original forest you had to solve them in order to make any progress, but now I kind of want to make it solvable in any order, so that people can do one or a few and still get some fun out of it, instead of getting stumped at say the second one if it went missing or was too hard, and giving up. Is there a way to do this? Or is the shrine a waypoint for all of them, and thus too close to the field puzzle finals, since they would be together.


    I am not sure how to organize this to make it follow the rules. I realize it can be all one multi, but as it is difficult, I wouldnt see anyone making progress, where if they were sub parts, I could see which field puzzles were doable and which were stumbling points. The Shrine field puzzles took weeks to make and are fairly large and i want to keep them all together in one forest, of which there are very few where I live. They wont work in a urban area they will get muggled.




    Basically I want to know what a "waypoint" is for series where you go find a box and it has a number on it, then you go do 7 more like that all traditionals. Then on the next one it says "using the numbers from your first 8 finds, you have the coordinates for a new cache." Does that make all the others "waypoints?" I am okay with making the caches you find with the "shrine" puzzles answers more than .1mile but I dont want to count the "shrine as a waypoint, for each one.


    I will clarify if need be, I just want to know if it can be done.

  3. Caches have dates on them right? You can find all the caches placed before the date that you decided geocaching went downhill.

    Caches in the city seem to bother most people, strangely, there is a nice map that will show you if a cache is in the city.

    Caches in the city or along roads are generally viewable for scenery on google street view.


    Between the three items above, all of the scenery cravers can take a few minutes pick out a few caches that they think they will like. This is not that big of a problem.


    One feature that some might like though, would be to "follow" another member, by a few personal attributes that the member describes himself by. A member could pick a few attributes that he likes (say 20mile hikes, caves, mountain climbs, etc) and the follow function can sort for favs from people who have ascribed to those attributes. Kind of like an old indy video store where various employees had a "favourites shelf".


    That way you can eliminate the "favs" of newbies and dweebs so to speak.


    Seems like a minor code change. Could even possibly be done externally to the site if you were determined enough.

  4. If you follow the actual rules on permission, etc. At least where I live there are very very few actual places left other than out of the way urban fencelines.


    Every trail has a cache almost precisely a tenth of a mile apart, and every park pretty much has a cache dead centre taking up the entire thing.


    For a town of 90k, a 1000 item PQ doesnt even get you out of town, and anything public is on a trail, and is at max saturation. There are actually very few roads leaving town and all of them are freeways which are not something you can stop on so even guard rails are out pretty much.

  5. i have always wondered why everyone worries about "the children" in such topics. Kids dont really care what words are used. Kids dont see nudity as anything but nudity, and swearing is something only ADULTS are offended by. Family friendly, always refers to an ADULT who lead a sheltered life does it not?


    If a kid cant read, the title is moot.

    If a kid CAN read, and knows what the word means, the horse is already out of the barn....

    If a kid CAN read, and doesnt know what it means, feel free to tell them, it is french for "i love eating brussel sprouts and doing homework" and you will never hear it again.


    The world would be a happy place if everyone who was ever offended used the 5 degree rule. If turning your head 5 degrees solves your problem, YOU were the problem. lol.

  6. when i first started, every week for a year. coordinates were in the middle of the street, which had a storm grate, next nearest was a tree, which i used to go there, and not want to climb. I waited till the leaves fell off, and still no luck I hadnt seen a nano before and had no idea what it was. There was literally no where to hide it. There was a telephone pole nearby with some metal bits at the bottom, it was shoved so far up you needed a tool.


    Similar, a year for one on a parking meter on my bike home. This was before i had an etrex and the coordinates were a few feet away in the shrubbery. didnt think to look there. very hard to hide something on a parking meter.

  7. Considering a milion people bought MYST, I think there might be some enjoyment in this type.


    The puzzles in Myst were brilliant; many I consider masterpieces. Yours, alas, is not one of those.


    personally, I would reserve judgement on something I hadnt solved yet, as to whether I liked it in the end or not, and I would consider the vast majority of myst to be a giant "moon-puzzle" so to speak, although I dont claim to be competing with myst, it is just a chache not a million dollar enterprise.


    I do apologize if the xx.xxx was confusing, they were meant to be placeholders for format rather than repeated variables. The actual number is on the one I intend to implement, i just didnt want you to have the exact coordinates at the moment. This is a critique beta after all, everything can be improved.


    I really havent given many direct hints, other than a tool would help, and the format that such a tool would take (which nobody seemed to ask about, actually). Of course this isnt really a hint as the hint is given in the OP. The text clue , was gotten by several people immediately, even those here, but there is another part of the puzzle that seems to be the difficult part, which the people who have solved it, seemed to have gotten right away, to my dismay actually. The fact that it is a visual puzzle rather than one based on math or literacy statistics makes it unusual.


    As to the poster whose non-cacher friends roll their eyes when you try to geek on them about puzzles, it helps if those friends are bigger nerds than you and extra bonus if they are older AD&D players who faced this kind of stuff on a weekly basis. Most of my friends are much nerdier than me so they enjoy puzzles. Most of them try to avoid people colloquially referred to as "normals" as they are usually mutually difficult to interact with, having little experience on this board, I have no idea about the habits and personalities here, and will still reserve judgement, based on small sample size.


    I was trying to create an slightly original puzzle than the standard math or letter substitution code, which would be a challenge and it is actually something that is pretty easily copied, especially the thumbtack format if it was popular, which may or may not come to be, it might even be a fun job for kids to do the actual work of the thumbtack format.


    All good comments so far. Everything can be made better.

  8. like the people who actually used the hints I gave to solve it already that didnt post here,


    So there are people who have used the hint you gave and have managed to solve it - but they just haven't posted here?


    And those people are members of this forum who have sight of this thread?


    there is a whole world outside of geocaching.com :) I like to work in parallel.


    I make a lot of puzzles and show them to people this one is new. I have never really chatted with people here, so I didnt know what to expect as far as puzzle ability. I'm from a town where a rock concert may not really get the audience to buy tickets, but a 500 seat lecture on advanced quantum mechanics sells out in LITERALLY less than 1 second after posting tickets online. (That isnt even an exaggeration - Perimeter Institute in waterloo ).

  9. Ever watch the goonies movie? Now if only you were given the right tool...

    Anyway...i think it will work, i want it to be a real challenge. Anyone want the answer pm me. Thanks for everyones help.


    I received the puzzle and looked at it a bit but your responses here make me want to not do it. Given your "goonies" comment, it is overwhelmingly likely to be a moon logic puzzle.


    It's too bad you have not considered the constructive suggestions of people in this thread.


    You dont actually know what i have considered. In fact i have decided that the way to implement it is going to be different than presented. Well actually im going to implemented both ways. Im sorry if you feel that way, or if a variety of puzzles disturbs you, or if another poster thinks "too many puzzles might be difficult", and one type might not be "good enough for you". Given the infinite amount of caches to choose from to solve i hardly think it matters whether someone likes a "moon logic puzzle" or a level 1, phone it in smiley. Considering a milion people bought MYST, I think there might be some enjoyment in this type. As far as advice, the reactions here let me decide to put the difficult version out in the boonies where it can be a rarely visited location for people who like this sort of thing, like the people who actually used the hints I gave to solve it already that didnt post here, and a more "lead them by the nose step by step version" in a more visited spot.


    Anyway thanks for the help of those chatting.

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