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    Event Question

    Padding numbers? Quite frankly I don't care enough to pad numbers. In my local area we have events every month just to visit and get together. It's not a competition just a group of people having a good time talking, eating, and In my case drinking. When I put up a event cache It's pretty much just "my turn". I notice some of you have never put out a event cache, maybe you should put one up then decide for yourself what to do.
  2. BDC

    Event Question

    Why not? I always will.
  3. All I can say Is I feel your pain!
  4. Of course I would go to that too. I miss the midweek events.
  5. So It Is written. I will probably be there, especially If It's Sunday.
  6. I have one you can borrow . Probably a pizza cache would be best.
  7. BDC

    Ruling Requested

    I wouldn't log It twice, but If the cache owner doesn't care then you shouldn't either.
  8. No! Me paying more money Is not going to make Me have more fun. I'm good with how It Is now.
  9. This Is embarassing to read. Maybe you two need to get out more, go cache or something.
  10. I have heard similar about rawhides and I don't give my dog them. Then again I spoil my dog rotten. I'm sure It was just the bone. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  11. Oh Now I understand this hobby Is about trading a bunch of junk for more junk! Here I thought It was about finding the prize and the bonus being junk. I'm being sarcastic but It's nice to see good quality stuff In there. I think now that I've done It a while I just like to find the cache and If there Is a TB In there even better. We all do this for different reasons mine mostly Is just to have a little fun Hiking around when I can find the time. Well also to tease the local cachers. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  12. What makes a sucessfull event cache? Beer! Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  13. I vote for Beer. Who needs food when you have Beer. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  14. I'm glad to see this event Is up and running . Well If you ever do have a event cache let a couple of us Southern Oregon cacher's know and I'm sure quite a few of us would be there. A little notice Is all that Is needed. Just place some caches In trash bags to make them feel at home. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  15. Well It sounds like you did a lot of research on this but I believe the question was what do we think? Well I think the Idea Is extreme! Especially for a Hobby Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  16. The whole Idea seems a little extreme to me. I would have to take a guess here but It seems property would have to be bought or donated for the plaque. Since this Is Geocaching maybe placing a memorial cache would be more appropriate. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  17. At one time there was a cache across the road from the Oregon vortex but It did not last long. It didn't last long because It was poorly done. When I went to find that one I don't recall any problems at all with my GPS, but hey I guess anything can happen. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  18. I think either weekend would be a good one. For myself the weekend of the fair would be good, mostly because my wife likes going to fair's. If all goes well I will try to be there. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  19. I carry a firearm because legally I can. When I get off my lazy butt and get my concealed weapons permit I will carry a concealed weapon because legally I will be able to. I consider myself safe and responsible with my weapons but I can see people's concern. As of right now this Is a right we have here In Oregon and I will utilize it until I am told I can't. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  20. yep 500 and mia . Don't hunt what you can't kill!
  21. Who cares! It's all about fun especially when It's a team effort. If other's don't like It well that can be fun too. As long as you have some good times and a few laugh's It don't matter. Don't hunt what you can't kill!
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