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  1. Thanks everyone for the helpful information. Good point with the page upon page of "visited" logs with not much else to go with them. At least now I'll know how to do it if need be.
  2. I recently found my first geocoin and logged it as retrieved on the geocoin page. I noticed in the coin’s log that the previous “handler” also logged all of the caches they had visited with the coin without actually placing the coin. I found a micro cache since retrieving the geocoin so I couldn’t leave it at that location (plus the area isn’t somewhere I would trust leaving it anyway…). I would still like to log that the geocoin “visited” that cache but I can’t figure out the page I need to visit in order to do this. Is this common geocoin etiquette? To log the cache’s visited along the way, until you release the coin back into the wild? Thanks, Ramblin Raccoons
  3. "I'm not sure I understand your mac/phone compatibility question as there is no link on GC for iphones anyway." Thanks for the info. I was referring to any new GPS unit I might purchase being compatible with a mac computer for downloading/uploading info to and from the GPS unit. Maybe I'll just stick with my phone for a while longer. I am very happy with it for the most part, I just thought an actual GPS device might be more acurate in zeroing in on the cache location.
  4. Thanks for the very thorough answer. Gives me some things to consider. I'll keep waiting on a mac users to see if they can help me with that aspect.
  5. I just started geocaching recently and since I didn't want to invest in something I might not continue on with I decided I would just use my phone as my gps device. I am now addicted to geocaching, and although I really like the features of my iphone + geocaching.com application, the battery life is horrible, the accuracy is sometimes off, and I'm afraid I'll drop and break my phone while scaling rocks and trees. That said, is there a GPS unit out there that has similar features to my iphone. I like the fact that I can do everything right from my phone (send in logs, look up/download caches, view descriptions/hints/logs, take pictures (though not a priority)). Basically I'm looking for a more rugged iphone with better battery life. I've noticed people mentioning units not being compatible to macs (which I have) but I haven't actually had to hook up to my computer for anything, so I don't know if this would be a factor or not, but if so I need a MAC compatible unit as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks so much! That answers my question exactly. I almost had it but I was just doing too many steps when I was entering in my waypoint coordinates. I thought you had to click either "current location" or "cache location" I didn't realize that once you entered in the coordinates you didn't have to click either of those, that you just had to return to your map. Hopefully now I'll be able to solve more than just the "traditional cache" Thanks again.
  7. I'm relatively new to geocaching and have found a handful of general caches (not sure if that's their actual name) where you download the coordinates from geocaching.com and follow your directional gps until you find the cache location. I wanted to try out a different type of cache so I located a puzzle cache in my area. The coordinates given are only to get you to the puzzle, not the actual cache. I deciphered the puzzle and found out what coordinates I needed to lead me to the cache but now I'm stuck. I'm using my iPhone with the geocaching.com app (the paid one, not the free one) and it was working well for a beginner like me until this point. I have no idea how to input a set of coordinates to search for as opposed to just searching the already entered cache coordinates from the geocaching site. The only place I can even find that lets me add coordinates is to set a waypoint, but I believe that only puts a pin in the spot I'm standing, or next to "the cache" where in my case, the cache isn't actually THE cache, just the puzzle clue. If anyone could help me figure out how to input new coordinates I'd really appreciate it. Or am I going to need to break down and buy a handheld gps to do these more involved caches?
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