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  1. I am trying to download the Send to GPS plugin on my PC for DeLorme PN-30 but the final step won't let me do it. The message says to close all servers and Chrome appears to be open. I've closed everything and even uninstalled Chrome, but I still can't complete the installation. I'm using Windows 8. Any ideas?
  2. thanks for all of suggestions. I've tried most of them without success and will give the others a try. My Delorme is my only GPS so I guess I'll just keep replacing the cables. At least I know that others have experienced the same issues.
  3. Ditto for us. It becomes progressively worse. That is when I had discovered that one pin did not stand as tall as the others. It is a miniscule difference and is barely noticeable. Sooner or later, it will (probably) get to a point where it becomes unusable. No way to fix it, so I would go the route that Cap.Bob suggested. What the heck, it doesn't work -- therefore you cannot hurt it! Jumpin' has a point, but we REALLY like our Delorme. Yep this is exactly what has happened. It continued to work for a time by pushing it in really firmly (apparently to connect the pin that is shorter than the others), but it has now stopped completely. Guess I'll try the first step of contact Deloreme and then I guess I'll just buy another one.
  4. I have a Delorme PN/40 that will not transfer data from Geocaching.com. I have replaced the USB Data Exchange Cable once and now the second cable that is only about 6 months old will not work. It seems like the 8-pin end on the GPS receptacle does not work. I have tried it on my netbook and a desktop computer and neither work. The charging cable that is also 8-pin does work so I don't think it is the GPS that is having the problem. I think I should be able to transfer directly to the SD card but I don't know how to do that. Any ideas?
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