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  1. Hi fellow tupperware tamers, I wonder if someone can help. My trusty Oregon 450 has had three black lines appear horizontally across the screen. Two a few months ago and another today. I'm assuming the screen is knackered. Garmin won't replace as it's discontinued but I'm not in the habit of throwing stuff away that can be repaired. I'm hoping this can. Can anyone help me figure out what I need to buy to fix this? I'm confused if I just need a screen replacement or a digitiser or are they the same? I've changed iphone bits and bats over the years I just need to know which bit to change! All help appreciated.
  2. Hi, I've had an oregon 450 forever. Today, it's just had two black horizontal lines appear across the screen on every page. Anyone any idea how to remove them?
  3. Field notes field notes field notes. If I do a drive by. If I do a series of 60. I want to log these when I have time at home. Field notes encourage thought and care. Lack of them encourage 'found it' 'tftc' or even forgotten finds.
  4. Hi fkott, my recommendations. Visit Skye, just go to Skye. It's amazing. There's a brilliant earthcache there called the Spar Cave. Check it out. Travel to Skye up the coast road, past Arisaig and get the ferry. Then travel back down from Skye over the bridge at Kyle of Lochalsh. (Or reverse that) Visit Eilean Donan castle. Visit Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis, both amazing. The Uk's oldest cache is in Scotland on a mountain called Ben More. Dont' forget the Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel. I would also recommend the Isle of Arran, there's a great but tough series on there called Arran Industries. May not give you a lot of time though. Visit Islay for the distilleries. And Arran has its own distillery. Hope this is of use.
  5. So I've been using the new app for a fortnight now. I'm a gps user and the paid for app also. I've been trying to solely use the new app to give it a fair chance BUT I can't use it alone as it does not allow me to post field notes. My thoughts... 1) 'Post field notes' is the most useful feature that I use from the original app. It negates the use for pen and paper altogether. We like to write long logs (gc.com encourage that too) so having a our field notes saved instead of logging on the fly is of great benefit. 2) When we select a cache to navigate to (normally driving) all other caches disappear from the screen, this is unhelpful for us when we are planning our route to the next cache. 3) It's still glitchy. Caches vanish, the app freezes up. 4) See hint is very far down through the info 5) When clicking onto my offline list I'm not allowed to map the whole list. Which is a bit odd as I don't know which cache I am looking for so have to click through each of them until I find the right one as to where I am positioned. 7) If my wife is navigating (she most always is) from the phone and the 'You're nearly there' pops up it obscures the whole map. Not very helpful when going through roads with lots of junctions...also, we are geocachers and have been for five years, we know we are nearly there! 8) No options for owner logs/notes/etc. No options for maintenance/archive logs either. 9) The dots representing the caches. Two of the colours are too similar! Please make them icons instead of dots. What we do like. 1) It looks nice. 2) The add waypoint feature is really good, much better than the old app AND it saves it! Thumbs up. 3) I like the live logs instead of just five. It has loads of potential but it's not very good at minute. I would rather be using the original.
  6. I am also planning a wee trip to Croatia. Thanks for this thread, very useful.
  7. Update on my icloud emails. Receiving watchlist emails. Receiving new cache notifications. NOT receiving logs on my owned caches
  8. I've received all forms of GC.com comms on my iCloud, this includes new caches being published, as of this morning
  9. Count me in. No icloud emails for me since last week. Luckily the locals are kind enough to give me FTF heads up
  10. I've worked my way through this post. I've wished Dave all the best elsewhere. What has got me thinking though , unless I've missed it, where are Groundspeak in this? It would be nice to hear their voice. The one we pay for. What do they think? Can they hear us? Is the tower so tall now that we are ants?
  11. The GAGB is there if you want to tap into it. It's a resource site mainly and a good focal point for those who don't cache and have queries or for those new to caching. It holds a landowner database and contact details for many of them too. A cacher who had been refused permission by the MOD contacted the GAGB and asked for advice as many do. Many do not. They did not go to Gspeak nor did Gspeak come to the GAGB.
  12. There is nothing stopping anyone challenging the decision made. Rather than channel all your energy into slating the GAGB, use it productively. What are you succeeding with here? This thread started off well and we are chatting about some of the earlier issues raised and how we can improve.
  13. So we have to accept that the matter has been escalated and a blanket ban has now been applied. This is fact. It's there. What can we do about it then? If we can get support from local wardens, written, email etc...then it offers us (cachers, GAGB, Groundspeak) the chance of putting together a strong case to help lessen the ban.
  14. The GAGB is not an authoratitve body. Membership is free. There is nothing to stop cachers petitioning the MOD themselves. I don't agree with the blanket ban and wish to come to an agreement with the MOD also. The GAGB did not decide the blanket ban at all. All they did was share the information which was received.
  15. As an aside, I scoured the emails looking for your membership application SP when it was initially mentioned. It is not to be found. One of the other guys double checked and came up empty too. Please reapply and we will get it processed.
  16. Now then big guy. It takes a lot more than a scurvy seadog to put me down. I'm an intergalactic bounty hunter remember! There are many fair points talked about by most on this thread. I, and most human beans, tend to be more receptive when they are put across in a polite, respectful manner. I will be definitely be exploring them at the next committee meeting.
  17. Thanks for your constructive input SP I shall endeavour to process your application as soon as possible, take heart in the polite email we sent letting you know it would be processed shortly. I will ensure everything discussed here is brought up in the next committee meeting as there is lots to debate. I believe the guidelines are of use , particularly to those new to caching who come directly to the GAGB or landowners who access our page to find out what that piece of plastic is at the bottom of their field. I think having a landowners database is a good tool for geocachers to access, hosting it on the GAGB site makes it much easier to maintain. I think the reference to my day jobs was taken incorrectly. I was referring to the time it would take to share lots of info across the many caching networks and it is more efficient to drop the info we find out onto the GAGB facebook page. Some positives then. I've been delivering geocaching workshops for PLAY england over the last couple of months, educating play workers on the joys of caching and teaching them how to encourage kids to go caching. I am also in talks with the BBC as to how we can integrate geocaching workshops into some of their event days which are held across the country during the summer months and are designed to encourage families to go outdoors more often. Personally, I thought long and hard about accepting this nomination onto the GAGB. I just liked finding bits of plastic and helping to build our local community. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and there was a lot of debate about accepting. I did. At the time I worked from home and had a lot of free time, this has since changed. I'm not looking for a medal but it is nice to be treated with respect, whether you know me or not.
  18. Hi there, I want to take this opportunity to reply. I am one of the newest committee members on the GAGB and it frustrates me greatly that there is so much negativity geared towards it when all it is there for is to help people! There is no mandate which says you must be a member, the home page states 'acting on behalf of geocachers', not 'all' as mentioned before. I joined because there was a load of information I could tap into which helped educate me more on the ways of tupperware hunting. I negotiated a landowner contract myself but I contacted the GAGB for advice which they gave and I was glad of. I also, being a Scot, like to get things for less than an advertised price so the discounts drew me in too. Never has it been stated that the GAGB are/is (?) an authority. We are all volunteers who love geocaching. The GAGB is an excellent focal point for members of the public and cachers alike. I am in full time employment and have two part time jobs also, all the other committee members are in employ too. It is hard to cascade info across all social network sites but our facebook page is open to anyone who wishes to join and not just GAGB members where info can be accessed there. I am disappointed that the GAGB is regarded as being a bully and I see no reason why this would be suggested. I regard myself as having absolutely no authority over anyone else in the caching world whatsoever. Where would you get the notion that the GAGB holds itself in that regard? From the inside all I have seen is a group of cachers giving up their time to try and help our world of plastic run. Much of this time recently, sadly, is trying to appease those who wish to attack the GAGB. I would much rather just get on with contacting those who have queries about landownership, starting caching, hiding etc... When anyone is negotiating landowner agreements it can be helpful to direct landowners to the site as it shows the strength of geocaching. It's easier to negotiate when people see that we do try and adopt best practice when it comes to caching and having those on a UK site is a bonus. I used the webpage myself when negotiating prior to joining the committee. I am fed up of the GAGB being attacked at every turn and nit picked at every statement issued. No wonder things are quiet when those who volunteered to do this are constantly harangued every time their head appears over the wall and their morale is slowly battered into non-existence. I can see at some point that the GAGB may not exist at all because people will tire of the constant attacking and those who could make a positive change within daren't step up for nomination due to all the negativity aimed at the GAGB The committee is just a bunch of cachers who thought they could help other cachers with stuff. They care about our hobby and do their best to promote it to all.
  19. Hooray! I am dancing in the street Hooray!
  20. Can someone please help. I can read the text. I can follow instruction. I have no idea what any of it means. I'm using a mac and my lines have no numbers. The closet to what was mentioned previous is this... function GME_checkAPI() {\ if(typeof L === "object") {\ GME_extendLeaflet();\ window.setTimeout(GME_load,1000);\ } else {\ if(GME_load_count < 60) {\ GME_load_count++;\ window.setTimeout(GME_checkAPI,1000);\ }\ ...am I close?
  21. Deleted my post as Maple Leaf worded it much better than I!
  22. How's that? Show off How did you do it? I thought I followed Mrs b's advice to the letter.
  23. Okay, think I've figured it out. Here is one of ours from GC1VCC2. Our juniors had marched up to the top with us and then proceeded to run/cartwheel and flip down the Ben, much to our amazement. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/08fbec92-ec15-4af0-a60b-f0e38f9a6070.jpg I don't think I can get the link to work
  24. Firt of all you need to have the photo uploaded somewhere, so that it has its own URL. The easiest thing is to upload it to the cache log, wherever you took it. Once it's attached to a cache log you can go to the log, click 'View images', select the photo by clicking on it to view full screen, and you can then copy the URL location (it will end in .jpg). Then you come back here to the forum and do a 'Reply' to this thread. With the Reply box open, click the little 'tree icon', paste in the URL, click 'Insert image'. It will then appear in your forum post. MrsB Woo Hoo! Many thanks
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