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  1. Am I the only one with spontaneous shutdowns? On 3.12 and 3.13

    I have had the same problems on 3.12. The map crashes as soon as I open it or try to navigate. Now i loaded 3.13, but before i started it i removed all my own custom POI and then it worked fine. If i put them back the unit stops working. I have used the function where you can have POI in folder/levels and there seems to be something not working with the custom POI:s. When I do some simple tests it seems to be the POI that I have created using POI loader and gpx files that are not working or if it has to do with special characters as Å Ä Ö in Swedish. The csv files that I have downloaded and used seems to work fine.

  2. The unit crashes as soon as I try to look at the map. I switched back to 3.10 and didn´t try to remove maps or do any changes in my configuration. Would be interesting to see what improvements has been done to the GPS receiver. Would be nice if there also where some improvements to the picture viewer so that the pictures where searchable. I like to have my spoiler images on the unit.

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