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  1. Hi Im after a cacher from NZ to help me do a multi ill find first part but need a cacher over there to find other part located in Tauranga New Zealand ill post GC number feel free to contact me if you can help my profile is Philmyboots .. GC number for cache http://coord.info/GCMYD6 Philmyboots in UK
  2. After calling them fanatical and misguided? What would you call people who list piles of rubbish online, only to have a steady stream of visitors log finds on it, and are resistant to having it removed? Fanatical or misguided, perhaps? Look, if you insist on poking your nose into the matter, at least get it right. The CO is not the same person as the OP. The CO is the cache owner. I have no idea who they are, but they obviously appear to be a bit of a character. They also obviously appear to be no longer involved in geocaching. The OP is the person who started the thread. Possibly that person works for Swinley Forest, possibly its just a wind up. But it is this person, not the CO, who dodgydaved wanted to talk to. One of caches you posted a NA log GC1PAWm its a very well thougt out puzzle which takes several hours plus poss visits to find it may need some a little atention but if some cachers cant find how do you think Crown Estates or Discovery Centre found it the final I hope it stays until youve completed it youll never know how great a area for caching it is even if you do spend 5-6hrs in te dark looking for markers
  3. thanks for ideas everyone im thinking 450 or 550 I did get my Etrex h from gooutdoors for arround £50 about 6months ago use them alot for camping supplies Phil
  4. Hi im just wondering where the best deals are arround UK for Garmin GPS as im looking to upgrade in next couple of months Phil
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