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  1. Hi Brian, Is there any chance of a translation? It looks like Irish? But I'm very rusty! LOL
  2. Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. In response to your question we only live 7miles apart. Where I'm concerned the whole mother - in - law stereotype is completely wrong. We get on so well & have lots in common, which is why she mentioned geocaching to me cos she knew I'd totally love the idea. I doubt if we will do it together tho, we are very competitive, (& she's already 3 ahead of me!)but you never know. Stranger things have happened as they say!
  3. Thank you to all for a most warm welcome!
  4. Hi I'm Majella. I live in the Ballymena area in Northern Ireland. My Mother-In-Law introduced me to the world of Geocaching just last nite & I was instantly hooked. Cant wait for the weekend now to start hunting. I'm so impressed that there is so many within as little as 2 miles from my house. My husbands not that keen but Id say once we've found our first one he'll get the bug!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, wish me luck!! P.S. Id love to hear from all you local guys & say Hello!!
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