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  1. The very 1st time I went caching with a visiting relative who wanted a couple of finds in Ca. We found a geocoin. It was a very plain copper colored coin. He took it with him back up to BC Canada. A few days later I registered and began my own hunting ( my 18 year old son has now caught the bug and we are enjoying more time together) trips. Just a couple of days ago I noticed the many different coins out there and was blown away by how beautiful some of them are. I am thinking about 1 in particular that if I buy it I want to put a small hole (don't hate) and wear it a a necklace.

  2. Without looking at my stats I think I'm at 11 found and 6 dnf. Cool. Sweet.

    It's those 8 bloody caches that I was within 5 feet of, was sure I knew EXACTLY where the hide was, but was completely surrounded by muggles, mini muggles, and/ or worker muggles. There's the 1 under the newspaper thing with the 2 little girls chatting and eating frozen yogurt. There's the 1 at the wrought iron entry gate to a busy resturaunt, did I mention that I usually only get a chance to look during mid day? My personal favorite is the 1 behind the sign and not a single parking space for a mile in any direction, yes I could have taken a nice long walk but I was on a schedule.

    I even had a problem not getting but returning. (if you're curious, it's del Rey cache in Los Angeles).


    Any other urban cachers have these problems or is it just me?

  3. I have been using the intro app on my iPhone 4 for the 2 whole weeks I've been caching and have found it to be extremely accurate (usually within 5 feet) in my area. My biggest problem has been way too many people around to search for the cache. The person who introduced me to this uses only a gps unit and was amazed at the accuracy I was getting, granted this has been strictly city caches. I'm sure that outside a big metro area my results will vary.


    Edit: forgot to mention that the compas is next to useless for me. I ONLY use the map. :rolleyes:

  4. Thanks for the replies. I think I will try to go back to them if I can (the 1st 4 were really close). If I don't I will make a note as suggested. As a side note, I really have to give credit on some of these caches for creativity. If the ones I did were 1 and 2 stars, I'll never find the really hard ones.

  5. This last week I had family in from out of the country. When we had a little free time he introduced me to this hidden world.

    We discovered 6 caches in my area which he signed and logged.

    Yesterday I registered and decided to give it a try on my own.

    Should I go back to the 6 and sign them myself

    And log them or should i skip and only move on from here. Not a big deal

    Either way, but hey I did find them too.



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