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  1. Last year we went to enroll or son in the local scouting stuff. Come to find out the one adult we met was overwhelmed and was in desperate need of assistance. I didn't care for the attitude of the parents in the group so opted to teach my son the skills he'll need in life. I don't think any of those boys in that group were having a lot of fun. I sure hope it's better in other areas. Maybe I expect to much? I don't know but this is not what I was expecting form the BSA.
  2. Please don't get rid of them. I'll need some easy ones for my one-a-day find through the winter months and I've got a lot planned for then.
  3. I wear an orange vest at work and usually nab a cache a day on the way home. I never take the vest off until I get home and it seems to help not draw attention. Also, since it is now deer season, it's very handy to have in the woods.
  4. Away from roads are usually the best ones I find. Where I have to park and hike to them.
  5. Kids are the best excuse to being out there, playing. And when they try to look innocent and not geocaching, they look they are playing still. It is also great when you have to stick your arm into a hole that you know is filled with creepy crawlies as they just love that stuff. They are the best when a small or micro is hidden in a bush and you don't want to dig around to find it.
  6. I can't figure out how to edit my post so here:
  7. I've taught land navigation both mounted and dismounted but not actual geocaching.
  8. I'd delete it and send the person a really nasty-gram explaining that they are ruining the game for a lot of other people. BTW, your profile picture shows your son holding something that looks like a cache? Surely not!?!
  9. There was an event here last year at a state park with about 20 or so hides. All the hides had something to do with halloween. I might like to add it was done in the day time and I don't think it actually happened on halloween day.
  10. Around these parts there are quite a few 'on' signs. I can pretty much bet no permission was asked. No, I just pass 'em by. Nothing much to look at on a sign. Paint, metal, bolts, nuts, a couple of washers and sometimes some reflective material. Pretty boring if you ask me. Plus people give you funny looks when you're standing 2 feet from a sign staring at it. After all, that's the reason you want to bring me there right?
  11. I'd give up 90%+ of my locations to someone wanting to do a really nice cache......if you have an idea mail the owner re your intentions. I'm beting they'll give you the location ( after all it'll be a find for them ) My sig is true but make no mistake I like some a lot more than others Not always true. I offered this idea and they would only do it if I GAVE them the cache.
  12. At the risk of a derail.. In the left lane? Because most states have a Slow Traffic Keep Right law. Even if those around you are speeding, it is illegal to block TRAFFIC in the left lane. You'd get a honk from me too, or worse They do have a Slow Traffic Keep Right guideline, which means that if you are going to go significantly below the speed limit, you need to go in the right lane, but the speed limit is the maximum allowable speed in any lane. If you honk at me for going 55 in a 55 zone because you want to go 75, expect at least some mild silent ill-wishing. (Along the lines of "I hope you can't find a parking spot at your destination and have to go around the block several times. Edit: part of a thought left out before. +1 SPEEDING IS ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS!! 9 you're fine, 10 you're mine.
  13. Just start hiding some in the worst parts of the city. Then you can up the difficulty ratings too.
  14. Heck, I say 5 miles between hides. These fifty in one park is kinda' lame to me but I'm sure the kids like 'em.
  15. I've seen quite a few of those in these parts of Michigan. Must have a lot of thieves around these parts.
  16. About 3 1/2 hours ago, I had a run in with a nice 8 point buck. He was hopping the center line cables and his face and antlers made contact with my mirror and drivers side window. Cracked the window, dented the door and destroyed the mirror. He got away with 3 tines broken off one antler.
  17. Someone else found it and you get to claim it? I understand you feeling uneasy. I'd feel guilty of cheating too. But hey, who am I to judge?
  18. It's funny this comes up as I just had my 1st real muggle interaction yesterday. I had just lost my footing and slid down a muddy embankment and I was a tad bit dirty. I was also near a playground and disheveled. Luckily due to the rain and cold (40 degrees), no kids were around. I was going to check on the 3rd cache in the area and it was in a high visibility area and someone called the cops because they showed up. I explained what I was doing and why I was muddy. We couldn't find the last cache but I did show them the other two to prove I was telling the truth. They thought it was a neat game and I gave them the link to here. Hopefully they'll join.
  19. A warning sign but still... I copied tihs sign for my backyard...
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