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  1. That looks awesome. I was really wondering how you were going to camo the base. It turned out excellent. 2 thumbs up.
  2. Never been EOD but for many years I worked very closely with them and as stated above, they and others (like me) love to blow stuff up. It's a guy thing. I'd say for all the calls we responded to while I was overseas, we never had come across a item we felt needed to be blown up other then for the fact that they called, who are we to say 'no'? We only went for unexploded munitions (rounds/bombs/projectiles that never went off). You wouldn't believe how many times we were called for other items. Thermos, beer bottle, diet coke can, tupperware, flashlights, you name it, if it didn't look natural in an open grassy area, we were called. And you must remember, where I worked, EVERYONE had a basic understanding of the use of weapons and ammo. So most of these people should of known what was dangerous and what was not. But that is why they had jobs like what I did. Some people have no common sense. And we blew everything up because if you just walk up and grab it and toss it in the back of your truck, some twit will write a very unflattering letter to your boss explaining how you endangered their lives and this letter will follow you in your career and keep you from the good butt kissing desk jobs. So you have to blow everything up you find.
  3. Let me drive through your backyard a few dozen times. There is nothing of worth there so let me deface it. Surely you won't care?
  4. I luv when people complain about complainers.
  5. I'll even admit to searching a few wildlife cameras thinking they had the caches inside. Ever swap out the memory cards to mess with them? Not that I've ever done that...
  6. In the woods, eye protection is always worn. The kids consider it part of their caching uniform.
  7. 5 meter or 15 foot interval. That way, if someone is attacked by a grizzly, everyone else has a good headstart.
  8. If you happen to be able to catch any local auctions when a machine shop goes out of business, you can usually pick up a ton of 'extras' in the maintenance departments. So you can find a few thousand o-rings and other stuff. Sell the other stuff in a garage sale and keep the o-rings. I think I have a few thousand o-rings that, so far, have fit every cache I've come across that needed an o-ring. Cheap too. I think my total cost other then going to pick them up was $6.12.
  9. Those of us with kids, when we come to caches set up for kids, we kind of make sure they're kid friendly for the next cacher to come along.
  10. I've been to one geocache 29 times and found it the 30th time. Difficulty level 1 1/2 stars. There will always be some that elude you. Never give up. Welcome to the game. It gets better.
  11. Welcome and you never wear shorts. Not if you're really, truely into the sport.
  12. Well I watched it and it's amazing that out of all of you in the video, the little kid knew right from wrong.
  13. Around here, they're either hanging from a branch in an evergreen or stuck inside of a pinecone.
  14. It's a way for me to interact with my kids outside in a new way. I get to help guide them in noticing everything around them and to pay attention to what is around them in new settings.
  15. I started out by maintaining other peoples caches but now all I'll do is replace an o-ring if it is gone. I enjoy refilling containers with swag now.
  16. The more you find, the easier it'll get and you will be able to go back and find those DNF's. Enjoy the time together.
  17. They are the fun ones. Anyone can find the easy ones.
  18. I actually agree with your rulez. I do think illegally placed caches will hurt in the long run.
  19. However, there are a ton of them out there that say right in the description to stop by and have a drink or whatever.
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