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  1. ... if it actually was real, that is. What proof do you have that this is a liar's cache? No proof, just going by what's posted on the cache page (esp. in the logs), and by gut feeling. In that general vicinity, there are quite a few highly hazardous areas. This one isn't a high priority and it isn't likely to cause you any grief unless you start ingesting contaminated soil in large quantities. I would not worry too much about the 'radiation' suits they suggest. It is scare tactics, plain and simple but it does make it look like more fun. I would like to know how they obtained permission to go on that site. I do believe it is off limits and a federal crime to be there. I sure hope anyone going there knows what they are doing.
  2. I'm going for 500 finds and 1 year caching before my 1st hide. This way I figure I'll have a better understanding of what to or not to do.
  3. I've been to places where we have found explosives from 60 years ago. These areas have been gone over with every year, looking for explosives. Yet we would contionue to find them. Year after year. Always be on the safe side. Take a picture of it and forward to the proper authorities. Better safe then dead.
  4. When I find a good cache. I stock it full. Usually kids stuff but a few adult items too. If I make my kids hike a few miles with me, it's always nice to have a reward at the end for them.
  5. Make it a PM only cache because we all know, only the people willing to pay for membership hide good swag.
  6. If I've been to the spot 29 times, I might just log 5 or 6 of those DNF's out of total shame. It's only happened twice! If I can't find it, it's a DNF.
  7. (bolding mine) The "excuse" that a person can't afford it is pure bull. An inexpensive GPS can be found starting at $100 and a smart phone isn't cheap either. So if a person can afford either of those items then stretching to another $30 a year isn't all that far. OK... so much for that. Nothing is stopping you and your friends from finding all kinds of caches, when I first started I wasn't a premium member but my partner was. It meant that I had to work a bit more to log them online. Also as someone has mentioned, I like the audit log. I can see who is looking at my listing and how many "hits" it is getting. i cant afford a gps or smart fone so it would be pointless getting a premium membership. i have to ask my boss very nicely if i can borrow his gps devise each time i want to go caching. so the "excuse" is not "bull" at all. it is unfortunately the modern society dictating that the lower class have to miss out on the "premium" options and make do with what they've got You have a job. Why can't you buy one? You know what I did when I was young and wanted something I couldn't afford? I got a job. If I didn't make enough, I got another job.
  8. I actually like the ones near trash, if it is easy to get to. I think I have about 80 lbs of metal in my trunk right now and all that just from park and grabs I've been nabbing during the winter months. And yes, TFTC is kind of like saying, "You didn't put in any effort to hide it so why should I put any effort into signing it?"
  9. I'm thinking of taking an old factory electrical box full of the big stuff and mounting it to a fence in the middle of nowhere and making sure it is plain as day that it isn't hooked to anything just to see who will complain. Just about every urban cache I've seen is against the rules in some way, shape or form. If you don't like them, don't go to them.
  10. Want to be treated like an adult? Then start acting like one. Simple really. Now, carry on ladies and gentlemen.
  11. Go to any international airport and they usually have quite a few currencies ready to dole out. Seek out the countries with the worst financial status and acquire their bills. Plus this way, you can't accidently spend them.
  12. Me and the kids have a fun day when we geocache. Dosen't matter where we go or how much time we spend looking. Plus it gets the kids out of the wife's hair for awhile. Of course it's always better when they get to swap swag but I don't thibnk it's the swag they'll remember when they're grown up.
  13. See it's pretty neat: Now maybe I'll get to be a FTF'er!
  14. Don't listen to those worry worts! If you are having fun, who cares?! Right? Thought so. Oh, BTW, ever hear of wing suits? I betcha' one of those would make caching in the mountains easier too. Just ask that guy that met the mountain yesterday...
  15. Whatever rocks your boat. More power to you. Of course having a sharp pencil or pen in your pocket might not be a good idea if you fall and impale yourself. I've always wondered how your insurance handles the 'incidents'? Do they dump you when they find out what your hobby is?
  16. I've dropped in a 5 spot and a ten when I couldn't trade even. I've also dropped in a lot of estate auction jewelry but I'd never waste the time to have it priced. I figure the people who snag it can do that.
  17. That hole looks freshly dug! And why do they use sheetmetal screws to screw the pipe clamps into the tree? Wouldn't wood screws work better? And isn't that final container glass? Off with their heads!!!
  18. We happen to have the largest tank range north of Ft. Knox, here in Michigan and those tanks shoot up a lot of 50 cal and 7.62. All you gotta' do is know the right people...
  19. Just make sure they understand to swap even or up with the swag. My daughters' teacher is into caching but she sets caches up each year with a class but dosen't maintain them very well.
  20. After the United States finally switched all of it's Reserve and National Guard units to M1 tanks, they offered for free to any VFW club, the old M60 tanks in their inventory. They had to be parked on a concrete platform, the oil drained and the engines ran until they seized. The breech block was also removed so it could never be fired. The tanks no one wanted were taken by barge out and sunk and made into a massive artifical reef. There are quite a few tanks at VFW halls around the country. By quite a few, I am talking more then 1000. If you can't find a tank cache in the States, you aren't looking. There is usually a sign next to them saying to keep off. But that is only there for litigation purposes. They know kids are gonna' climb on them. There is nothing on a tank you can hurt so behave as you see fit.
  21. I think there should be caches on all tanks everywhere. I bet I could find them pretty quickly.
  22. I understand that but since I didn't place a cache there 1st, I feel I have no right to complain. Every time I'm looking for spots to hide some rather large ones I created, I find a micro too dang close. I'm just about to the point of offering them my containers if they'd just swap them out.
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