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  1. As long as they're within 100 meters of said position, I'm good. I'm old fashioned and don't use those new fang-dangled GPS thingies. Of course it takes a little longer but that's half the fun...
  2. New person here. 2nd day of geocaching and 1st day on the forum. The A & J part of my log-on are my kids' initials. I'm introducing them to this wonderful sport/pastime because of the interaction with each other that is a part of this adventure. I expect someone will call the cops on me at some point. I carry my kids school id cards and those little id/finger print cards with me. I also have 3 years worth of school pictures crammed into my wallet. Whenever someone spends too long looking at me when I'm out with my kids, I confront them. How do I know, that they aren't the ones with 'issues'? It's worked so far. I will say, I'd never let someone talk to my kids alone. As for kids always telling the truth to adults? You ever have a kid? My son (ten) will not admit a mistake no matter what. To ANYONE but his mom. My daugther (8 going on 15) has been known to lie to my face and I fall for it 7 out of ten times. I understand that people are only doing what THEY think is right but sometimes, people need to mind their own business. The media makes mountains out of mole hills. They have to. It's called job security.
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