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  1. 2 days ago, I was trying to find a parking spot at a park in the middle of a small town and since it was 86 degrees outside, every possible spot was taken. The third trip around, I picked up a patrol car. I left the area and pulled into a gas station at which point he stopped following me. I'll wait for nasty weather before going after that cache again.
  2. Looking at his profile, he seems to have limited mobility. So, I'd assume he's limited in where he goes. You guys/gals are just too nice in the way ya'll are treating him.
  3. So can we post inaccurate data from those of you who use those GPSr thingies?
  4. I'll take that and raise the standard to 1 meter. I hit 6 caches yesterday and everyone of 'em were off by more then a meter. For shame!
  5. Your pipes won't clog if you squirt a little of that dishing washing liquid down 'em once in a while.
  6. After reading a few stories here about run-ins with the LEO's I started contacting the one's in my area. I look for caches throughout the week on my way home from work mon-fri/sat. If they are kid friendly, I mark them on a map I have and then take it home and plan a sunday romp with the kids (haven't gooten the wife to agree to go with us yet). I then look up the nearest city/town and give the local police a ring. I inform them of my weekend vist to their area on such and such date and inform them, myself and younglings will be out looking for these caches. So, if anyone spots me and 2 children out there, not to be alarmed. I started this practice a few days ago and out of the 3 police agencies I contacted, 2 knew about caching and the 3rd was clueless. That one, I plan on stopping by and have the kids explain it to them. Maybe bring some paper/pictures to show what we are about. There is something me and the kids do yearly with the local police which I plan on doing with all LEO's I stop by and see. They usually have a program set up where you drop off clean teddy bears and they (LEO's) carry them in the trunk of their patrol cars so if they come on an accident and a young child is there, they give the kid a teddy bear to hold on to. I let my kids choose the ones they are willing to give and I let the kids hand them over. Afterwards, the kids are treated to ice cream. This way my kids learn about the police, the police get to know me and my kids and the kids learn about helping others.
  7. I've contacted LEO in the areas I plan on being with my kids over the weekend and letting them know we'd be in the area so as to not cause suspision. They seemed to really appreciate the fact that I contacted them first. After reading some of the bad experiences that others have had on this site, that is now my standard operating procedure.
  8. I realise the thread is a tad bit old but it rings a bell for me too. Ever since retiring from the military, I've needed something to keep me active to decrease the size of my expanding girth. This has gotten me out walking/hiking more then anything else has. Only problem I have, is a 57 mile each way commute that I just HAVE to stop and check stuff out coming home. This is causing some 'trouble' with my better half. She seems to think I'm off playing while the family is home waiting to eat dinner. Maybe, I can leave an hour early and do some night time caching instead?
  9. Go with the map/compass. Much more fun that way.
  10. Any time the next generation shows interest in your sport, you should go out of your way to encourage that. That's the only way to keep it going.
  11. I've never seen feral dogs or pigs, but I've seen a lot of coyotes. So far I haven't seen any of the two legged variety, but now I know what to look for. Thanks for the heads up! In case anyone was confused, danger can come from four legged, two legged, or no legged critters. It's not common, so don't let it keep you from getting out and exploring. Keep yours eyes open, be prepared, use common sense about where you go and when, and keep on having fun! Sir! Thank you for showing me the errors of my ways. Feel free to do so at any time, Sir!
  12. Only animal I fear are the 2 legged ones. The rest are media hype. I've been in the woods with brown and black bears, in water with gators and in swamps with snakes and all those other good icky creatures. The three animals I'd be the most concerned about are coyotes, feral dogs and feral pigs, for my area. I've yet to encounter any of those with this sport ... yet. I suggest if you're under age or female, go with someone else. Not trying to say anything but that is my suggestion. Like with any job/activity in the world, common sense wins 99.99% of the time. Animals are totally unpredictable. Always expect the unexpected. Every time I've been hurt by an animal, it was because it acted in a way that wasn't expected. Or I did something really stupid and 'irked' the animal. As for the wasp spray, be prepared to go to jail if you use it. Humans once used a similar item against humans. It's called nerve agent and it's something that can kill you, in a very painful/nasty way. I highly suggest you never think of using wasp spray against anything but bugs.
  13. A few years ago, I was driving in central Texas. I might have been going a little fast. All of a sudden, lights lit up behind me and I was pulled over. I placed my hands high on the wheel, where the policeman could easily see them and had my window already open. “Sir, did you know you were speeding?” The kind young man asked me. “Sorry Officer, I didn’t realize my radar detector wasn’t pulled in.” “Sir, you were going 90 in a 60 mph zone.” “I was trying to keep up with the rest of the traffic.” “There are no other vehicles around, Sir.” “Yes I know. That’s how far ahead of me they are.” “Sir, have you been drinking?” “What do you mean, have I been drinking? You are the trained professional!” “Sir, I need to see your license and registration.” “Sure thing, Officer. Can you hold my beer while I get my wallet?” “Sir, you need to step out of your car, please.” As I opened my door, I saw his weapon. “Hey,” I said, “Is that a 9mm? That’s nothing compared to this 44 magnum.” The officer then proceeded to grab me. I chuckled. “I thought you had to be in relatively good physical shape to be a Police Officer.?” Next thing you know, I was sprawled across the hood of my car, being frisked/patted down. “Ease up Officer! You know, I was going to be a cop but I decided to finish high school instead.” As he tossed me in the back seat, I got upset. “Bad cop! No doughnut for you!” It went downhill from there. My gosh you guys get worked up easily here. It's a game. It's suppose to be fun. Group hug?
  14. All these replies and it took #24 to suggest you clear it with your parents 1st before meeting these strangers. Anyho, if all else fails, guilt your parents into it.
  15. Wouldn't you want to do that in reverse? Have the noobies find the big easy ones first and work their way to the hard ones?
  16. The only one I haven't liked yet is on the bottom of a electrical panel with a lot of live outlets near it. This one is in an area that is accessable by anyone. I just don't agree with that.
  17. I'm new but I just avoid the ones placed by people who place bad ones. Or if I pull over and see it from my car, I just drive on. Save those for if I ever get the urge to run numbers (doubt it).
  18. 81mm mortar ammo boxes are good. 120mm ammo tubes are also good and both are water tight.
  19. If it's stupid/silly but it works, it ain't stupid/silly.
  20. Flea/tick collars around the ankles will do the trick. I'll just agree to disagree with the article above.
  21. I've been in some pretty lousy places in the world (also some pretty nice ones) and one thing I've learned, is don't EVER mess with the local police. Not a wise move. Ignorance of their law is never a good excuse. Breaking their rules is not only a bad choice but also a dangerous one too. 1 smilie isn't worth it ever. You never know when the person who see's you breaking the rules/laws is having a bad day and is just looking for an excuse.
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