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  1. I kinda' meant to bury part of it due to the size of the item. Part of it would be exposed and that would be what you're looking for. Okay, I'll search and see if my idea has ever been attempted and go from there. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Now if that guardrail is at the end of a road or somewhere to stop people from riding a bicycle or somesuch off the trail, I'd consider them okay. I just watched a couple of 'kids' (under thirty), park and block a one lane bridge to look along the outer edge of the guardrail to find the cache. Now, to me, the person who placed the cache there, the reviewer who allowed it to be placed there and the people who blocked the bridge are all at fault.
  3. So you're at fault because he ain't doing his job? I don't think so.
  4. So, I see we can not dig while placing a cache. What about if I need to dig out the side of a hill? My property. When completed, it'd be covered up and landscaped over. You'd only realise something was there if you went geocaching there. Would that be allowed? Kinda' like a bunker.
  5. So, just to clarify I am about to place one that is a full sized shipping container. You knowe the ones they load on trains and trucks? What would that size be listed under?
  6. I think you have to be a paying member.
  7. If I exit my vehicle, it counts as a look. If I cruise by and see too much muggle activity, I don't stop and don't count it. I log all my looks all 13 of them...
  8. My kids are a lot younger so we share this account. If it looks like they are gonna' be addicted to this, then I'll let them have their own account but for now, it's mine....er.... ours. Before we go out I ask them to get their swag bags. This is stuff they deem valuable but are willing to swap for other stuff. We all give and take at the caches. The kids swap toys. We always leave more then we find and I'm the coin/bug dude. Enjoy the sport. This is the most fun I've had since my last job of blowing up stuff and smashing things and playing in the mud.
  9. Every single one I've seen on a guard rail was in a place that would expose the finder to danger. I'm kinda' suprised they are allowed at all. I logged my 1st one and bypassed the rest.
  10. Hey, I have sat on my butt as a plane flew over thousands of caches! Can I log 'em online as found?
  11. I spend a lot of time outdoors and for a long time, before getting involved here, I've always noticed people in odd places acting out of place. You know, urbanites in the woods acting like they belong but they don't? Well, since joining here, I've looked those locations up and realize now those are caches sites. Well, I didn't find them but rather people with no muggle sense did. But I feel that since they didn't do their part very well, those chaches are fair game for me to pick. They did the hard part and I reap the reward. Should of been paying better attention to what was happening around them. As long as I sign the log, it's a find.
  12. The older it is, the worst reception you'll receive. Powerlines, trees and buildings will seriously mess it up.
  13. So, if I had the co-ordinates to my shop and offered a free token made to your specs out of wood, marble or corian, for dropping by, that'd be okay? It'd bring me business but I think that it is still wrong.
  14. If sealed properly and regularly maintained, wood will outlive you. You can always place a seal around the opening. Just get some gasket material and some gasket goop and it'll keep the water out.
  15. I'll go with the #20 as that is what it states in the guidelines. Maybe offer a good FTF prize...
  16. Advertising for your own business is tacky to say the least. I own a wood working business but I'd be danged to make wooden nickles with my business address on them. I can see leaving coupons for other businesses but your own? That will open up one big can of worms. Let advertisment company's know that they can advertise in a cache?!
  17. I wish ya'll would just post a set standard or something as a minimum. This way there is a goal to strive for and it'd weed out the people that join one day and quit a week later. And those of us who like to put some time and effort into making a cache, would know that after spending a month designing, building, moving, establishing and hiding a good cache, would get people out there looking for it and not staying away because it was done by a n00bie.
  18. I work in Delta township but I only stop and grab a cache a day in this area.
  19. If after ten minutes, muggle activity doesn't decrease, I leave it for another day. Don't raise dificulty because of muggles. I like to earn the difficult ones.
  20. I'm just a itching to place my first cache but due to how people feel about us n00bies, I've held back and working on aquiring enough finds to warrent non-n00b'ish status. It'' take awhile because of all the little magnetic containers that I won't touch around here placed by oldbies.
  21. Anything that has me scratching my head after a few minutes wondering where the heck it's at.
  22. Every item my kids take, they replace and I add 3 items. The only thing I take are trackables to pass along.
  23. I called one off 2 days ago due to the amount of rabbit holes in the area. I knew one of my kids would step in one. On the way back my daughter pushed a branch of of her way, which of course swumg back and I got my arm up just in time to be impaled by 3 thorns.
  24. I go thru 5 gallons of gas a day and I own a car that gets 33mpg. Hows that for a commute?
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