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  1. Liar. Now that, that is over with, why?
  2. I thought the whole idea was to not get caught. Sounds like you guys get caught a lot. What gives?
  3. My kids, 8 & 10, always bypass the toys and grab the handmade stuff first. They understand the time and effort put into making something themselves.
  4. I'll check it tonight on the way home. If it looks trashed again, I will contact the CO. Maybe it was a one time occurence.
  5. I'm starting to make some swag that the kids should enjoy. When I have a bunch of different things made, I'll post pictures. I have a CNC router that should make some nice kid friendly stuff. Any ideas, post them.
  6. Only happened once so far but I wear a bright orange safety vest which usually people leave you alone assuming you're suppose to be there doing something but the 1 person who asked, I remembered the nearest store before getting there and said: "***** had a snake come out of a packaging box from India and it was last seen somewhere around here." The muggle jumped a good 3 feet straight up, since they were next to the only good hiding spot for a snake. He vacated the area pretty quick. They never considered it was like 33 degrees out. If a kid ever asked, I think I'll state: "The murder weapon."
  7. It holds 10,000. My kids (wife) bought me one for Easter. Well, they got it for themselves since I still refuse to use one...
  8. The one I saw, the whole cemetery was neat/pristine pretty much except for the one site that had a cache located there. There was a muddy footprint on top of the head stone, the urn was dumped over and half the dirt pawed through, the bush next to it had broken branches where people bent them back too far and the whole gravesite looked liked a lot of people walked around it over and over (muddy footprints, grass torn up). I spent more time straightening the place up then looking for a cache. There were also a lot of finds that week at that cache with a lot of people finding it, in early spring, in the wet/muddy time. That was the only messed up grave in that entire cemetery that I could see and I drove through most of it. Inside or around a cemetery is okay but not on top of the graves.
  9. If I had this problem, I'd set up a new one with a trail camera hidden nearby and get proof of it and post the pictures for everyone to see. A thief is a theif. A cache today, your shed/garage tomorrow.
  10. You don't forget your GPSr's, how can you forget the most basic item of all? Next time, sign it in your blood. You always have that with you.....
  11. Found a homeless guy's junk/campsite. A LOT of dead animals. Only been doing this a month and have collected 28 dollars worth of scrap metal. I'm thinking of bringing my trailer to grab the bigger junk and really help clean up.
  12. I've only been to one so far but you had to look and walk all around a grave. I didn't like that and will never go to another one in a cemetery. If you were walking over my parents graves and I caught you, be prepared to get a mouthfull of fist. It ain't right.
  13. 21 years on tanks. After that and all that goes with it, I act like this now...
  14. It's yours right? If you believe it needs changed, change it. If someone disagrees, let them argue it.
  15. I've met famous people before but never in the woods while rooting through pine trees and rock piles.
  16. I'd post the info on it here if they don't respond well to a private pm. Then forget about it. If they're so petty that this type of behavior is really that important to them, they have bigger problems to worry about.
  17. Yeah, okay, I see the point of not wanting people to start digging on other property to look for caches. Oh well, I'll have to think of something else. I thought I could create a massive bug hotel. Anyway, after some searching, I see other people have already tried it, just not buried.
  18. Same issue here. I've tried on 3 different computers from three different cities and ip's. I've logged out, deleted cookies, tried between IE and firefox. Nothin'.
  19. If it gets too bogged down, people will just start breaking off into their little groups of loyal followers and still support it in one form or another.
  20. I shouldn't admit this but if you carry a clip board or wear a orange/green safety vest and act like you're suppose to be there, doing something, people leave you alone and pay no attention. The best way to blend in is in plain sight. So next time you see that person out there acting like they're on official business....
  21. I recently joined and am a paying member. To me, having access to the paying member only caches is what made the finale decision. I'm glad I did for my area. I think it should be less money for younger members but that's just my opinion.
  22. Yeah, if I just drop a shipping container in the middle of 80 acres and say go there. It'd be boring. However if you got there and had to find the hidden 55 foot long container, it'd be another story.
  23. It's from Canada. Try Service members stationed in Germany for the 2 dollar bills and the Susan B's. When they weren't happily taken up by the American people, they shipped 'em all to troop locations overseas. You could also try any Airport. They usually have exchange counters for other currencies. Or just tell your bank what you want and they can get it for you.
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