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  1. That brings back memories. Of course we didn't have Kohl's back then. I once walked close to a mile in one.
  2. I see nothing wrong with it. I can see were others might be concerned how things could look if taken in the wrong context, however.
  3. When you mention that this activity brings people to the area that have a respect (hopefully) for their surrondings, I've gotten good, positive feedback from the people I've been asking.
  4. Now, getting some crocodile to latch onto my leg or arm and doing that roll thingie where they tear off your limb, that'd be a bad experience too. This would suck, driving really fast, cross country, at night and realizing that the shadow/black spot in front of you isn't really a shadow or a dark spot but a hole and you can't stop in time and there is no way to avoid it. I had that happen but not while geocaching. That was the most noteable night of my life.
  5. I'm assuming they're talking about the 'Chirp' but there are many different ones out there. Go for the least expensive and look into model rocketry and look at theirs.
  6. We're all just being smart arses. Nothing can ruin my trip once I'm off the beaten path. No worries, no wife...er... I mean no concerns...
  7. Why? What's wrong with young males? My friends and I are totally gonna make a game out of asking people who look like they're geocaching what they're doing and see what answers we get. I think I'll do the same.
  8. Hey that's worth at least 5 bucks $5? My kids get $1.
  9. I dunno'. If I was in the woods and really had to utilize the facilities and saw that....
  10. I film the kids when they find something fun to do on our excursion but I don't post them on look-at-me-tube. That is for our family only.
  11. Now what happens if she can't find it? You're playing with fire.
  12. I just wish that this sport was around and I was involved when I served in the military. That way I'd have had half the world under my finds.
  13. Being killed by anything, including a dragon would royally suck, at least it would until you're dead. But other then that, traffic jams, car accidents, rubber neckers, humidity, horse flies, rabbit holes, empty ammo cans... no one thing. A bunch of little things but nothing major.
  14. So who is actually typing these posts? Nymph or Satyr?
  15. 3 glass jars so far. Not even 20 finds. Go figure. Old canning jars with the glass top with the gasket and the wire part that latches on top. Those things will last 1000 years if taken care of. I think it all depends on the cache. If I found something like an old glass canning jar in an old abandoned town or something, I think it would add to the find. Ever smash your fingers while latching shut a 50 cal ammo box? That hurts too. My last find was under a dead tree leaning against another dead tree. It was during a very windy day. I spent more time getting up the nerve to go under that thing then actually looking for the cache.
  16. I met some bald headed Star Trek actor who wanted to watch how people act in a combat enviroment in an enclosed space while real bullets were being fired. So we had to perform for him. At least he was trying to learn how it really happens. I'll give him credit for that. Finally saw him in a movie about 10 years later. Should of got his signature. My wife luvs him.
  17. We found a doll at one recently. My daughter practically bowled us over in her attempt to secure that. So we took one item stuffing the whole cache up and left a few smaller items in exchange. Now that cache is open for business again. As for the junk issue, sometimes, I acquire some estate jewelry from auctions. I'll drop off the smaller items all the time because the little girls luv 'em. Been told recently that some of that 'junk' was worth some money. Oh well. Hope some little girl enjoys them.
  18. My kids don't care about signing....yet. I don't really do the group thing but how can it be fun with so many people (over 3)?
  19. I'd donate in a heartbeat but pay up front? Not unless they had a great history and great reviews.
  20. I had one recently with a rating of 3 for difficulty and as soon as I stepped out of my car, I said "Oh, there it is". and it was. How anyone rated it a three, I'll never know.
  21. A Gimble is the direction your feet are facing when you are sighting with your compass when you're shooting an azimuth to identity two known locations from an unknown location. So if you shot an azimuth of 40 degrees to the 1st known landmark and 80 degrees to the second. Your gimble would be at 60 degrees. I'm joking of course...
  22. Well, my old eyesight must be failing me. I could of sworn the title of the thread stated CAUGHT! That's it. I need glasses...
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