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  1. I wish more people like you were around here. Some of us enjoy the treks to get to the caches. Finding them isn't the best part for me.
  2. You have Menards there? If so, every other week they have a 10 pack of lock & locks on sale for ten bucks.
  3. Define protection. I have items to protect myself and my family.
  4. As someone who has to take testosterone replacement therapy, I am highly offended by this comment! However, I have logged six dnf's at my latest challenge when it really should be like 33. The local police now ask me if I've found it yet.
  5. My most fun encounter so far was last summer. There was a dead tree and the cache placement seemed to be on top in a detent. I stuck my hand up there without looking and found a bee hive. The owners were kind enough to shut it down until they could relocate it. I 'met' about 27 or so bee's they did not like my hand being there.
  6. I've shopped with Amazon for over 10 years and never had a problem with compromised credit card data through Amazon. I'm not disputing your observation, I'm merely providing another one. I've also used them for awhile. This year, 2 issues, 2 cards.
  7. Just an FYI. Every issue we've had with compromised credit card data has been through Amazon.
  8. I like the new maps! Keep it up GS! Two thumbs up. My only concern is, now that all that traffic went from google to bing or whomever, won't they start charging with the increased traffic flow?
  9. I love to go to DNF logged caches. Not utilizing a GPS'r, I enjoy the extra challenge of finding it when someone with electronic help couldn't. The more DNF's the merrier.
  10. Just maybe mention the homeless person in the description and to maybe mention that he/she might just be thankful if everyone going for that cache brought along a apple or some such and gave it to the person. Just sayin'
  11. These were shown in the best container thread a while back but they used soda pop bottles instead. I've already found about 20 of them this winter so they do work well and you can make a lot of them pretty quickly. The ones around here, they use pepsi tops because they are already grey and are easy guardrail hides.
  12. I've been to a couple of caches that were replaced by someone before me and sure enough I find two containers within 20 feet of each other. Oh well, this is between the co and the person replacing the cache.
  13. How are you going to get to that cache? Drive? What is exactly in that cough medicine? Be careful and don't get pulled over. Also, what you are saying is: You are not going to school but you are going to have fun instead? Ethics don't run deep in you yet do they?
  14. So why isn't this off topic? Seems silly to me. No prize, no bragging rights, no nothin'.
  15. It seems on this forum people get highly agitated if you alter their posts in any way, shape or form. Silly but true.
  16. Always tell the truth. If the cache was hidden with permission, then there will be no problems. If it wasn't hidden with permission, it's better to remove it with the property owner present.
  17. A couple of months ago, I visited a few caches that were in the cemetary that houses the homeless and abandoned. Many of those folks were Veterans that didn't know how to readjust to civilian life. Many were just people that didn't know how to fit in with the rest of us. If not for us, who else would visit these people and wonder about their stories?
  18. Actually I'm referring to old shooting ranges from WW1 and WW2 right here in the States. A lot of those old places have been turned over to other people or government bodies over time and made into parks or get-aways. Places we go to.
  19. Mark the location and alert the authorities. That is all you can do.
  20. I've watched more people walk through glass walls, windows and doors then I've seen people get hurt in the woods. Those who stay aware of what is around them stay safe longer. Just my 2 cents.
  21. Matchbox or Hotwheels for the boys (any age), jewelry for the girls (any age). Those are the items my kids nab. Pretty rocks are good too.
  22. I want to know just what you were doing in a neighborhood with massage parlors in it? Usually not the best part of town.... not that I would know or anything....
  23. I don't care for them if I have to go digging around headstones but if they're along the edge, then they're fine. I also like to look at the older places and admire some of the fine craftsmanship you see.
  24. As to how dangerous this stuff can be, I once found something that the paintings and markings on it suggested that it was inert and non-explosive. I tossed it toward the truck that was full of inert/non-explosive stuff. I missed and it went over the truck and exploded. I nearly had an accident. It was an eye opening experience.
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