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  1. For me, anything that makes me smile. For my kids, just about any toy or trinket or rock or button or whatever interests them at that moment in time.
  2. How about a land manager who will not allow geocaches to be posted in the areas under his control? This person is 'in charge' of a large swath of federal property in Michigan. Can he still get a free pass? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. I have one but have never used it within the US of A. Kinda' defeats the purpose of going out and enjoying nature.
  4. I have only suggested they be taken out of service when a construction project has removed said cache from it's location. That is the only time I do so.
  5. I have over 1000 to log online and a journal in my car with dates. Sometimes those dates are off by 1 day if my ailing memory screws up. So sue me. It's a game. Lighten up.
  6. 13 DNF's on one cache. And proud of it!
  7. Welcome to the life. My kids are now begging to get out and find treasure every weekend and when they finish their homework. This is the best motivator I've found to get them to finish stuff around the house. They actually have found geocaches when we weren't out geocaching.
  8. There are other views/maps on the individual cache web pages and exact co-ordinates posted. Use those to plot on a map. I've been not using a GPSr for 600-700 geocaches so far and haven't had a problem yet. Of course, I've had quite a few DNF's but that I blame on my eye sight and bad judgement.
  9. No one notices kids when they're playing imaginary games. Best cover you can have. Also, have you ever been to a geocaching event where geocachers are not the most discrete people around? Just enjoy the game and let your friends' kids be kids.
  10. I was cleaning out my car the other day (big event) and came across my kid's caching bags. In my daughter's kit, I came across a TB. I questioned her on when she picked it up. She thought it was a toy and not a bug. So, that was about a month ago we did that event. Not all TB's that disappear are from evil people. Just an FYI.
  11. There is a backstory on that fridge door. I passed it by for months just sitting on a turn signal island in the middle of the road... One night while heading to an event with my wife, I had an epiphany and said aloud that I should pick it up and make it a TB. My wife forbid me to do it so of course I did exactly that a few days later. Roger that. I'm not too much into bugs but I can see a challenge in the making. I'll start sending out large bugs dedicated to you and making it to you will be their purpose in life. Are Metal scupltures ok? What size is the limit?
  12. So, I take it to mean that you want big bugs at your house? Okay, will comply...
  13. There are several firms out there with the sole intent, to get your material through customs as quick as possible. Find one and pay for their services. I do. My stuff passes through customs and the truck slows down just enough to be scanned and it is done. A few extra dollars a month and it saves me a ton of hassle. The big businesses use them, why don't you?
  14. Give them all a hand held compass to monitor while they walk .It gives them something to focus on and they think they're helping find the way. Young minds get easily distracted so you have to give them something to focus on. Maybe an inexpensive camera to take pictures with? You'll be suprised on some of the great quality pictures you get (and a few thousand bad ones) .
  15. Boys will be boys. Nothing you can do to change it. Just move it. And don't blame this generation. My grandfather used to tell us things he did as a kid and they were not that far off from what happened here.
  16. I log my dnf's. You know what is bad about logging a dnf? People take pity on you and send you clues you never asked for!
  17. A few weeks ago, I found a cache that was within sight of where a lady was shot and her car stolen for a couple of drug dealers. I mentioned a lot of police were in the area checking out suspisious behavior and my log was deleted for saying bad things about the area. Go figure...
  18. I'm spending an extra 100 bucks a month (gas) just for caching. A small price to pay for so much fun.
  19. Why are you sitting at home? Try some without that old gps crutch.
  20. I've seen many that were hidden in a place someone luved to go to as a child. And they assume no other children have found the place since. I've caught kids red handed with the caches in hand. They're kids. That is what kids do.
  21. I've seen people in offical vehicles grabbing caches in no parking areas. I luv those ones. Gotta' set a good example.
  22. I am working with some land managers in my area and they love the idea of placing nice, well thought out caches in their parks to attract more people to them. I hope you the best of luck.
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