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  1. I saw it. But I doubt that is the only thing they will be doing to celebrate. I think it would be good when someone (Brian?) would clarify what will happen on our events.
  2. No, there's not. But Res2100 mentions in his bookmark if there are geocoins available.
  3. Just for illustration: I got a package from Canada on the 24th that was send out on the 1st. More then 3 weeks! And the postage was 7 CAD. You would expect a faster shipment when that much money is paid. In the Netherlands we pay half and packages tend to arrive in 1 week.
  4. Could I be second then? Also one of each?
  5. Not exactly the same but I had to wait for a coin from Canada for over 3 weeks. Got me worried too.
  6. No trades left (for now).
  7. I've got an invoice. But... It's through Google Checkout which demands a credit card. And I don't have one. Where to turn to to resolve this? Straight to Oakcoins or through here?
  8. Just something I missed probaly but what is the coins name? Or is it 10 Years of Geocaching Multi-Event Geocoin?
  9. I'm interested too. But not for more then 5 coins. Edit: I've registered 4 trades so far. 1 left.
  10. The title says all: I would like to know who is making the QR-Bug Geocoin. I came across the icon on the Latest Design list and got curious. Accept knowing who makes it, I also would ike to know what it looks like and where I could get it. Any information is welcome.
  11. 10-10-10 will be the date for A LOT of mariages... I might organize an event in the Netherlands.
  12. And the Nijmegen, Netherlands event is online: GC23RDP. It's actualy my 50st published cache (with or without others) and I wanted it to be special. Well, I think it is
  13. That's part two. If I were the giver and the reciever would sell my gift, I would think twice before giving him another gift. And if he (or she) would have to sell it because of financial troubles, I would ask if I could do something to help that person.
  14. It can't be anything else, can it? Or maybe one thing: a joint
  15. In my eyes very simple. If you give something away, it's unconditionaly. What the other one does with it, is not your business anymore.
  16. Recieved 2/3 coins today: Anne.and.Elli - Moon Dipper copper Atlantagal - Inland Empire Cachers Silver Recieved the last coin: 2Golfers - CoinPal green Thanks!
  17. Yeah, but I don't feel responsible in one of your geocoins being stolen an hour after having placed it in a cache, either! ~J You are NOT RESPONSIBLE! You are not the one who stole it. It's just my bad luck. And if you sent the coin, I would feel embarrassed.
  18. The Dutch event will be GC23RDP: 10 Years! (Nijmegen, the Netehrlands). It's not published yet.
  19. Area 2 on the front or the back? Sorry. Front side. Ok fixed - is it all good now? Perfect! Thanks.
  20. Yeah! I got my set in. No, not with an XLE
  21. Area 2 on the front or the back? Sorry. Front side.
  22. Thanks ELTADA for your work. Tonight (CET) I send Mark an e-mail with some changes. I didn't send it to you. Sorry. Area 2 should be trans #18. Thank you.
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