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  1. I have 2 questions. One is very specific: When do we get the Mardi Gras edition or when will we hear about it officialy? The other one is for you all. Does anyone know at which event the Rhinelander edition was sold? Or at least a part of the 200 coins that were produced. The rest was sold at the Geocoinstore.
  2. And every time people on the table can't produce the same kind of coin in the same metal, they must give a round? Boy, will I get drunk!
  3. Mine arrived in the mail yesterday. Two complete sets (Medicine Wheel + Elements Compass-Sun) with Pathtags. Those pathtags that come with the coins are much sought after by the way All these coins look great! Thanks CC, Mike, BrierPatch and Jackalgirl!
  4. It's a fun coin and I think the size is gonna be in the line of the 10 Commandments of Geocaching Geocoins or the Mapamundi XXL Geocoins. Or like the Navigational geocoins. I think I would buy one (or more).
  5. I voted YES but then I would like another format: xx Grafikato Wehre xx = coinnumber of course.
  6. E-mail + PB sent. Link placed in the Dutch forum.
  7. Don't think so. How about privacy?
  8. I like what I see and have put this threat in my watchlist...
  9. Ordered a set. My adress was in the wrong format. I sent a note with the PayPal transaction stating the right format. Now the wait can start for this nice coin.
  10. I found something special in our cache. It was a pink egg. And in this egg was another egg. A very nice Egg coin from the Easter Coin Bunny. Number 077. Thank you very much!!!
  11. Our event (10 years! Nijmegen, the Netherlands (GC23RDP)) was very well appreciated by the little over 90 people who attended. Unlike most events our event was a very active one: a hike of 30 kilometre using several other navigational techniques then GPSr. Only the last part the GPSr was used. Not even the rain all day could distroy the fun. Allthough the 5 km it rained heavily and made it very tough for the ones still out there. Take a look at the pictures taken at the event and placed by the logs. Here's a picture of a part of the group after the finished. Thank you all for your participation in this great project. And especialy the ones that did a bit extra [] Oh yeah, our participants all got a can of beans at the end. That's what you see them waving with. []
  12. wow what kind of phone do you have?? Great picture! It's just an HTC Diamond 2. I've also got an HTC Desire but picture are worse on that phone.
  13. I'm glad to announce that the coins have arrived in Holland. Thank you all for this fine coorporation! And of course I have a picture. Not taken with a fancy camera. Just the one on my phone.
  14. You know this event doesn't qualify for the official 10 Year!-icon?
  15. Answering to my own post. Eltada mailed me with all the necessary information. Thank you! And my package is in Dutch customs at the moment.
  16. I am starting to get worried. Still no sign of our coins. Did you all get tracking numbers for the delivery? Because I didn't. So there's no way for me to find out where my delivery is at the moment. The package should have been delivered on the 15th according to dates provided on our site.
  17. Be glad that it is only your coins that are stranded. I am stuck in Dubai due to the volcano and can not get back to the US until the 28th at the earliest. Just a silly thought (probably). Could get on a freighter that sails home? I realy don't know how long that would take.
  18. Well, I won't be able to sent coins out yet. According to scheme the coins should have arrived on april 15th. But there is a volcano in Iceland that decided to errupt and shoot out a plume of ashes. So planes stayed on the ground untill today. The ban is lifted. So I hope to get the coins in hand soon.
  19. I understand that you are furious. You both. But rest assured that we will be waiting for this coin for as long as it takes. Because it is such a beauty! At least I will
  20. So it has been the end of March. Will the coins for overseas be send directly to us or will they first go to the US?
  21. Now you have a month extra to save up for these coins
  22. Now you have a month extra to save up for these coins
  23. I'm glad I ordered a set. And you will get mail
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