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  1. When you look up the coin you will get to see a Buy Now for the exact same coin of $ 28,-......
  2. This coin is fun! And since it will be send to places all over the world, I hope it will also come to my doorstep. It would fit in realy nice between my Chargeman & Nordjas coins and Tick coins
  3. I do have a First Austrian Geocow Geocoin (activated) for trade if you want to.
  4. I joined the race. Now I hope at least one of the coins will make it to Geocoinfest 2011. After the race I will change the goal in to reaching me in the Netherlands. Maybe a coin will make it. But I'm glad I already have the complete series in hand (album).
  5. I can get on the site without any problems,So they may have finished maintenance.
  6. To all who missed out in the first round or for those who would like to buy more coins in this series: THEY ARE BACK!!!
  7. 14 new editions. As some may know I like to have complete series. But I like to eat and cache too. Choices, choices. No food and no caches next month... Can't I get a discount???
  8. You can ask the cacher who grabbed the coin from you for the trackingcode. You then grab it back and log it with a note in the cache where you left it. The other cacher can then retrieve it like he should have done in the first place. You could make a remark about patience in your e-mail to the other cacher. If that cacher desn't respond to your e-mail, you could contact the owner of the coin for the trackingcode. Then you will have to do the grabbing and dropping also. And let the other cacher know you grabbed the coin from him and he doesn't have it in his inventory. Otherwise he may drop it of in a cache realtime but can't do so virtual. I see these things happen more and more. Not only during vacation periods. Cachers nowadays don't seem to know how things are done.
  9. I got mine today as well (#10 of 36). What a difference compared to the other four I have now. No collors on the front and just some dark brown on the back. There were also two small damages on the outer ring. It looks like they made a mistake, were pressed for time and decided to send them anyway. This one is realy just for collection sake. I'm happy I got some other coins as well: the 2010 Lackey, 2 new Large Tengwars, the Orange Butterfly 2010 AND the copper/silver Chelmo's NZ Silver Fern and a Geocache America Silver coin. Don't get me wrong. Allthough the Lotus Compass wasn't the way it was intended to be, I'm still very happy to have it. And I will make sure I get an Anubis as well
  10. From China? I hope you used stamps. I know someone who collects those. I don't get that. Why should you collect stamps? Start collecting coins!
  11. I'm just howling... I hope I will be able to get one (at least).
  12. Silver envelope from Ada, MI. Yes! It's a Geofun Cointainment Unit And in it, a note that says it all (although I still gotta figure out what it all says) and an object to be studied by me as a member of the Cointact Unit Study Group. It is object # 079. My first observation: It is very very good looking! Thanks for letting me into the Study Group.
  13. Most of the coin-edition had an amount of 100 coins minted. Some had a little more. The coins that were sold by the coinshops had runs of 200 coins (or more?). -
  14. Who could place an order for me for two coins (1 of each)? I would pay by a PayPal money transfer. Of course I will pay for Shipping, Handling and Phoning too! Please contact me by e-mail through my profile.
  15. I keep clicking on Refresh all Tabs...
  16. That would most probably be Cache Addict since he did the Four Elements series. However its not his style to have an icon before the sale of 250 coins. And the icons have an other design then the normal sized coin icons. Conclusion: You and I don't know
  17. Today I came home from my walk with Joep, the Beagle, when the neighbours, who just returned from a short holiday, started talking to me. During this short conversation a guy came walking up to me with a envelope in his hand. He didn't look like the postman at all but did hand me the envelope. A nice brown one, made of recycled paper. A looked at it and noticed two odd things: the sender was also my name and adress and it was sent through Royal Mail. I didn't know of any coin I ordered in Great Brittain. When I looked insite there was this very big and beautiful coin. Thank you very much!
  18. And a Mardi Gras also dropped into the mailbox in the Netherlands. Thank you ALL! (Including all participants.)
  19. Congratulations on your wedding on 10-10-10. But this threat (as well as the other threat) is about the coin and the event that should go down at 10-10-10. This is the third event of this kind (to my knowledge) and the idea is from Avroair. He designs the coin as well. It's not considdered good manors trying to sell your coin in someone elses threat. So would you please start your own threat and delete your messages from this one?
  20. I won't turn 30 since I was born in '63 but it will be 8 days after the event as well
  21. I hope Better Half will recover that much to be able to go out caching again. Maybe not in the way you used to. I've also put the coins on watch so I might help by buying one or more of them at a good price. Didn't you activate #3 and #4? They don't appear on your Owned Trackables list.
  22. Thanks Joni but the Mardi Gras coin isn't really my color choice. I really love the Texas coin and am very happy with it. I would like to say that I wasn't trying to complain and ruin it for the hosts of future events. I was just stating that I think maybe Oak Coins should have put more thought into their gift giving. It is a very nice gesture on their part. As far as I know, there hasn't been done any gifting yet. And Oakcoins did not say if and who they are going to give presents. There is a saying in Dutch that says you shouldn't sell the skin before the bear was shot. I guess you get my drift.
  23. Somewhere in Texas. Bedankt, dankje (meaning Thank you, thanks) You mean Geoswag ;-) That's what I said, didn't I?
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