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  1. Hi guys,

    I have deleted the log myself. Luckily I was wondering about the standings and checked in here.

    To my surprise I saw the discussion that was going on here.

    Next time just ask me. I really don't bite :rolleyes:

    Now I have to inform ZorkV of the log-deletion.


    Edit to add correct mileage: 15 431.94 miles

  2. My Pink Yimes have arrived. Thank you very much for a good idea which gave us the chance to buy a very much wanted coin with a clear conscience because we did it for a good cause. :huh:

    This was also the reason why I bid high on the other Yime that Opalsns put on eBay. I was happy to pay that price. I wanted to donate a little bit extra but there was no room for it unfortunately.

    Thanks guys :yikes:

  3. Nice coin, congratulations on the design.

    But the fact that I will have to buy 8 coins, will keep me from buying them.

    I collect coins and 1 version of each leaves me with 5 coins I have to trade or re-sell.

    The price is reasonable I think: € 8,75 per coin.

    However there's no word about shipment. What would shipment of 8 coins cost?

  4. In Dutch eleven is "elf". And an "elf" is a fairy.

    11 is the first number you can't count one your fingers. If you do, you've got one left, which brings us to the (German) source of the word eleven: ain lif (one left).

    11 is the first Master Number in numerology

  5. I'm making plans to be there.


    Too far away tho think about a coin just yet, but I thought it would be cool to come up with something where we can each color our own versions (like 999 101010). I had planned to talk to Mark about it down the road.

    Love that idea. And then maybe a EU-version to trade with US/CAN-versions?

  6. I don't know if they are still available. I didn't see them in the shop anymore. You could ask the guys of AH5.

    These are the gold and silver coins I won by collecting all mini coins. I do have a red one in my possesion still...



  7. I see longtomsilver's!! It's the one with the tracking code visible. :yikes:


    This is truly an awesome set of pictures!!! Can't wait for the race to start! :laughing:

    I see it as well :sad:

    I tried to read the other codes as well but they get to blury when you magnifie the picture.

  8. Hi Woejam, it's starting out to look like a very nice coin.

    I'm keeping my eye on the thread and process.


    In Dutch:


    Hoi Woejam, het begint er als een heel aardige coin uit te zien.

    Ik hou het draadje en proces in de gaten.

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