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  1. I like the design and I would like a complete set looking at this side only.

    I alwas wanted something with the Red Poppy although WW I is not a war fought by the Dutch.

    But I do like the thought behind it and the red poppy itself as well.

    Might I suggest a two tone where the heart of the flower is black-nickel?

  2. I want to appoligize to all who participate in this race. My coin is in first place in the Mileage Standings. But it has been done by 2 cachers. The second cacher is taking it all over New Zealand. I tried to contact him several times but he never responded.

    Fortunately it has been grabbed by another cacher on 12-12. He says he will take it to Hawaii. Hopefully it will start traveling as it is supposed to do.

  3. There is a generic icon for the coin in All Trackables. So I don't think the unique icon has been uploaded (if it was ordered).

    But it seems Hogwild is getting sloppy.

    I have Stone Mountain Benchmark Geocoin. (Which says to have a unique icon but still has a generic.)

    When I wanted to actvate it, I saw the trackingcode said "HOGWILD". I wrote an email telling this and got an answer I would be sent another coin and I could keep this one.

    I never got the coin. Only some more email exchange promising me I would get the coin.

    After months I got an email asking if I had it. A simple NO was my answer and the last email sent.


    I have checked more of his coins he has for sale. They all say there's an unique icon. But they all have a generic icon. I'd say that's missleading...

  4. There is this cacher (Pe...33) who is logging coins he has never seen. I know there are more people like that, and that's their business. But this guy has never gotten any codes from me. And I am sure there are more codes he hasn't recieved from the owners. The coins are all over the world.

    So how did he get the codes? And can he be stopped?

    I've sent him two e-mails but didn't get an answer. Would Groundspeak block his account?

    If you want his full nick, let me know why and I might give it to you. But I'm sure that the ones who concern this, will know his name.

  5. Friday I came home and found a whole bunch of bubble mailers.

    When I was ripping those envelopes open I got all expected coins like the Pink Yemon Yime V3 and 3 kinds of 10-10-10 coins.

    But there was also this coin that I didn't remember ordering. The text on the inlay explained it all though: I had been ticked by a loon :D

    Thank you very much, Mike. Number 088 has arrived savely and is now in my collection :anitongue:

  6. It happened to me too. I did delete the notes letting the cachers know why I did it.

    After they reviewed their notes, they noticed their mistake and logged the right coin.

    And I got a thank-you-mail for letting them know.


    So, yes, I would.

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