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  1. I am very late in my reaction after the race has finished but I would like to thank Atwell Family for organising the race and the prizes. I will do my best to make a personal coin as soon as I have some money to spare. And than there is Shilo who updated the standings for a complete year! Thank you very much. Ofcourse I thank all the players who moved my coin: Windsocker, Zork V, barkingmadnz, Menai Scouts, Capreoli, Geonizer, joggelisklav71, 7kathi, geohäxe, JuergB, Die Berüchtigten, Sandymaus, silavon, Io Stregone, Silberschakal, Jack-Daniel, El-Grande and grimming. And last but not least, all competitors. Thank you all!
  2. When I bid, I see the minimum price is not reached (yet). Can you tell me what it is, so I can place a bid that sticks? I realy don't know why you didn't use that amount as your starting bid. It will probably sell anyway.
  3. Ook hier is interesse. Or... I'm interested as well.
  4. You could look out for a 2006 Alaska Geocoin.
  5. It's not possible someone took over the coin. Not even when that someone would know the activation code. Once it is activated, you can't activate it again. As the owner, you get the message that you are welcome to make changes to the coins properties, but that it has been activated already. When you are not the owner, you simply get the message it has already been activated. So when the coin icon appears in the right column of the trackables it might be because he owns an other coin of this kind.
  6. Hmm, I suppose I will have to take $50 of my monthly budget somewhere... Love them.
  7. That's quiet expensive. And I suppose it will have the generic icon like the Czech Wood and the Czech Glass coins.
  8. Great coin! I will be NEEDING that
  9. Did you auction them in the US only or did you list hem worlwide?
  10. It looks to me like a mix up of codes. Some of the codes on the coins of CGA were supposed to be for Friend of the Frog coins. The icon that's with the description is wrong too. The icon you should get with your coin is: and you have
  11. I am a lucky guy. I met some people I never met before but e-mailed a bit with. And a total stranger. Look what I got:
  12. Are you realy let one of those travel? Attach a big ball and chain plus a card with letters 2cm of hight so people can't miss the message it is not theirs to keep. I hope it will travel for a long time but I'm affraid...
  13. I hope not. Like you, I want the coin badly. My reason is that I want to complete the set (without having to pay $ 100 or more). I will bring the set to Geocoinfest 2011 EU
  14. Ok, this is weird. #3 is at the top for Mileage standings. But now #2 is also on top at Geocacher standings. Should I say I'm a lucky bastard? I probably should
  15. This has gone into a whole other discusion I might like to add my (nicked ) idea. Why don't you send someone an e-mail with the necessary information/links? Actualy the guys at the Dutch geocaching foundation are working on this. When people register to the fora, they will get an e-mail with a pamflet containing the first needed information about geocaching, including trackables.
  16. I's a month since the last post of the developer. Is it still going on?
  17. Did you get any extra orders from the Netherlands? I promoted the coin in the Dutch forum.
  18. I am still in for a complete set and maybe I will try to win an AE at the auction.
  19. I'm comitting to one set. Great coin for my dog
  20. Still watching with great interest
  21. And my #1 racer went from missing to back in action This makes me very happy!
  22. Yep, I think I will be ordering a set when they have arrived. Unless there will be be a pre-order.
  23. I am wondering why the price for this coin has to be so high. When I think of a high production & shipping price of £5,- (€5,80/$8,00) for the coin, plus 1-2 GBP for charity, where is the rest of the money going to? It means that you would get 3 to 4 pounds per set-coin and 5 to 6 pounds per single coin. Would you be willing to reconsidder the price? You are saying you have been paying this price for coins regularly but I buy them normaly for 8-10 US dollars = 5-6,25 GB pound.
  24. It's a bit different from what ElliPrelli said. When you send your coin out in the big world, you set it to non collectible. If you are gonna keep your coin with you (in YOUR collection), you set it to collectible. When it's set to colletible the options 'grab' and 'retreive' are unabled so others can only discover your coin. That way it will not get mistakenly taken out of your hands/collection while logging it.
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