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  1. Maybe there is someone else who acitvated 100 coins with a same mission too, but do you really think Groundspeak would change the way you activate a trackable just in that case? Ruud
  2. Hi LA, I replied to your email, but it bounced. I mailed Ruud back, thanks for the heads up. Not sure what the deal is, but some people can't see the site. If you can't see it, email me and I'll get you going the right direction. I'm wondering if you got my mail with my order. Ruud4d
  3. Actually there isn't any obligation at all to keep the previous logs. If they are deleted then the person who discovered it gets an email saying it was deleted and some have gotten mad about that when it happens. Some say the previous logs give the coin a history and a flavor so to speak and others say that with new ownership they want it to start anew. However, there isn't any obligation at all to keep those logs. The coin is the new owner's to do with as they please. Please can I plea that the new owner does not delete previous logs on the geocoin? Yes, I know it now belongs to them... but it's not a brand new geocoin... It's pre-owned/pre-loved/secondhand (whichever term you prefer) and if the new owner deletes previous 'discovered' logs then those cachers who quite legitimately saw the geocoin before and legitimately logged it will have their tiny bit of caching history relating to that coin deleted as well. This might not be important to the new owner but some geocachers take the collecting of geocoin icons rather seriously. Maybe it's a particularly unusual or rare coin that they will be unlikely to see again? I feel it's a kindness to ensure that the previous history of logs remains. MrsB It's a courtesy but not required. I have never done it and its rare, but its not an obligation as the earlier poster indicated. To some people the icon is extremely important but to others its not. Its up to each individual owner. I am feeling strong about deleting logs. I think it's not done. Not for caches, not for trackables. One has found the cache or seen the trackable and has made a logging about that. That's history and should be left intact. Ruud4d
  4. The adoption-tool is ment for caches. There it is good manners to give the previous owner credit. You could mention in your coin description the name of who first owned the coin. But it is not common. Ruud4d
  5. Is geocachingmaine.org blocked for users outside the USA or so? If so, that's not nice I am very anxious to know what the coin looks like and if I like it, I would surely order it. And I really am a nice customer
  6. My first geocoin was the Nederlandse Geocoin 2005 = Dutch Geocoins. Ik bought it myself. Several as a matter of fact. I've still got 2 activated. The rest I gave away, send out or is lost. One coin I used as a dipper. But I stopped that after 387 caches
  7. The Viking Heritage series was at first only the Axe and Shield made in 3 finishes: Antique Nickel/Polished Gold LE, Nickel/Antique Copper and Nickel/Antique Gold. Castle Man produced also the Sword and Helmet made in 4 finishes: Antique Gold/Nickel, Black Nickel/Gold, Antique Copper/Nickel LE and Geocoin Gold/Nickel XLE.
  8. I can't get on the server(403 Forbidden). Not in the store, not on the mainpage. Not thru the link here, not thru google. What's happening? Ruud4d
  9. This is a Pirate Treasure geocoin. It comes in 5 finishes: Antique Bronze (Gold), Antique Silver, Antique Copper which are regulars. Foggy Gold and Foggy Silver are limited. I think it's overprized if you really want to sell it. Ruud4d
  10. I got mine today. It has arrived in the Netherlands. What a great coin this is. And I like the Members Only even better. I hope I can get one in some way. Ruud4d
  11. 1 RE and 1 LE have arrived overseas. Great coins. Better looking then the second (first?) version. Ruud4d
  12. You can check out some history at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geocoin. You will also find a lot of links there. Ruud4d
  13. You could try to contact Avroair. Or you can go to this site. But I'm sure there are many more.
  14. Before you order a TB you might consider the possibility of a Glass Traveler Geocoin. You can find them here. You could etch or engrave the number and after it has completed the journey you could send out the real Glass Traveler with a new mission. I suggest this one because it is made of glass and has that in the name. Just like your coin has. Ruud
  15. I suppose you already tried geocoinshop.de
  16. I do activate all of my coins. I keep them in albums which I sometimes take to events. There are some people who do like looking at them but not as many as in the early days. People prefer moving them. I send them a word-list with all the names and numbers of the coins and they can log them as discovered. This generates an enormous pile of e-mail. Not all of the coins in my profile are in the books. Some are lost after they have been traveling (in the early days). Some are still traveling (some for years now). Some are traveliing as a copy (don't do that anymore). And some are, as a kind of reward at the end of a 37km and/or 25km multi, in the cache. Because I do have quiet some coins, I am thinking of letting travel some more coins. Bottomline: they're all activated. Ruud4d
  17. They are finaly here Four coins, one of each, gold, silver, antique silver and antique gold. Looking great!
  18. I've been going over the people who found the cache but didn't see any who are Dutch. I will look out for the coin allthough that's almost impossible. Ruud
  19. No, I don't. Why? A coin is activated and I won't be the one to unactivate it. If that should happen, I will ask the one who is responsible for its unactivation to re-activate it. Ruud4d
  20. Perhaps the previous owner wrote the activation code on the inlay of Oakcoins. That was done in my case. And I just didn't see it. Till 3 minutes ago
  21. Never in need of fire, but now I am
  22. I like A best and then C. But I saw it's gonna be a big mouth
  23. I'm trying to get on the trackable coins wiki but all I get is an error. Who has a working link? This is what I get: Error in fetchObject(): Table 'track_wikidb.page' doesn't exist Backtrace: GlobalFunctions.php line 602 calls wfBacktrace() Database.php line 596 calls wfDebugDieBacktrace() MessageCache.php line 246 calls Database::fetchObject() MessageCache.php line 174 calls MessageCache::loadFromDB() MessageCache.php line 357 calls MessageCache::load() GlobalFunctions.php line 449 calls MessageCache::get() GlobalFunctions.php line 408 calls wfMsgGetKey() GlobalFunctions.php line 319 calls wfMsgReal() OutputPage.php line 177 calls wfMsg() OutputPage.php line 777 calls OutputPage::setPageTitle() Database.php line 476 calls OutputPage::databaseError() Database.php line 419 calls Database::reportQueryError() BagOStuff.php line 390 calls Database::query() BagOStuff.php line 281 calls MediaWikiBagOStuff::_doquery() BagOStuff.php line 228 calls SqlBagOStuff::_query() MessageCache.php line 142 calls SqlBagOStuff::get() MessageCache.php line 357 calls MessageCache::load() GlobalFunctions.php line 449 calls MessageCache::get() GlobalFunctions.php line 408 calls wfMsgGetKey() GlobalFunctions.php line 361 calls wfMsgReal() Wiki.php line 74 calls wfMsgForContent() index.php line 105 calls MediaWiki::checkInitialQueries()
  24. Before you do I have another link you might wanna check out <link to non-trackable items edited by moderator>
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