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  1. This has been changed a couple of weeks now. And I agree with you that starters may get the wrong idea that they can collect the coins that travel. This way a lot more coins might get lost. Ruud4d
  2. Doesn't this permition refer to the picture of the map used for the coin? Nothing to do who designed the coin or who's idea it was.
  3. I am so happy to know the third Delfts Blauw Coin is comming. I've two spaces open in one of my books underneath the first and second coin. The design: I think it will be a tallship like they sailed the Seven Seas during the VOC-period. They stand for the mercantilism of the Dutch. Or maybe a bouquet? Or would it be the little boy with his finger in the dyke: Hansje Brinker?
  4. I think it is the folow up for the two Delfts Blauw coins and it will depict a peace of cheese or tulips. That's in the line of what foreigners know the Dutch by. But it isn't produced by Landcruiser Team or ZAteam (who did the first two). User456784 might be a Dutchman that is posting regurlaly and is well known by us. Strange thing is that he or she didn't bother to post an anouncement in the Dutch fora first. You would expect something like that. I hope to get at least one. But if I could get my hands on some more, I would finaly have something tradable [] I am still looking for a Black Nickel Templar Geocoins to complete my collection Ruud4d
  5. Or a boy and a boy smooching and smoking a joint...
  6. From the Netherlands. I will try to get some help and organise an event near Nijmegen. Ruud4d
  7. Two nice coins arrived today in the Netherlands. Thank you! Ruud4d
  8. Your inventory is not public. Ruud4d
  9. I have all editions. Untill now... Well, to be able to claim I have all edition, I will have to buy this one too. Soon, when there is some money again Ruud4d
  10. I never had trouble getting in touch with any of them. You can also try to contact them through Twitter. Dawn untill Dusk geocoin should be on Oakcoins. I agree with pumpkinking27: check o's and 0, b's 8, and so on. That's good advice for Pastor_B also. Getting off topic. Reference number and tracking number are on your coin-page. The first at the left. The second to the right, under the several logging options. Ruud4d
  11. I think this posting is helpful: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=2083700 If you don't wanna check that out, you might wanna go straight to Hogwild code. Ruud
  12. What is SinterKlaas doing overthere? December 5th he is supposed to visit all Dutch children and give them presents! And us coiners he should give nice mystery coins
  13. I don't know what you should do, that's up to you. I just want to tell my story here. I'm Dutch, so at the other side of that big lake. Recently I've got an issue. Due to a computer crash of the seller I didn't get my coin. Recently he said he had send it but although coins from later transactions are coming in, the coin he said he send still hasn't arrived. Then there was a seller I bouhgt two coins of (not eBay). On the forums I read others were getting theirs but not me. I asked him to send new ones and he did. They didn't arrive either. Meanwhile he got the first shipment back, all torn up. Finaly I got my money back, leaving us both "angry". These were the only issues I've had. Hundreds of coins came across well. I hope you will solve your problems soon. Maybe there is a way to block these people from bidding on your coins? You could only offer to send them to US and not Worldwide (you should make an exception for me ofcourse []).
  14. Today I got my Members Only edition in. No, it's not that I was given a special treatment and got the coin as an exception. No, I've paid the big bucks on eBay. But it is surely worth it; it's a great coin! Ruud4d Edit I can get on www.bcgeocaching.com nowadays!
  15. I just looked and there are now 415 supporters. Just 85 supporters to get the 500-supporter-twibute
  16. If anyone would like his/her coin or TB to start in the Netherlands (the small country at the right of the UK and left of Germany, Europe), you can send me an e-mail or PM and I will give you my adress. I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands were we have some commemorative caches for WW II and even a cache on the Canadian War Cemetry placed by JOBED, a Canadian cacher. I do cache regularly and prefer the longer multi's. Let me know if you are interested. Ruud4d
  17. Hi Fellowcachers! You've probably heard of Twitter. Some of the regular users of this forum (mainly coiners) send out their twits. Now there is a possibility of a so-called Twibbon to add to your Twitter avatar. It looks like this: The Twibbon can be placed anywhere in your avatar. But where it is really all about: the Twibute. What is a Twibute? This is a background image such that you can put on your Twitter page. This image consists of all "supporters" of the geocaching-Twibbon and is published at 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000 and 20000 supporters. At the time of writing this we have 351 supporters. And you guessed it, we want to reach 500 supporters so a new Twibute will be released. So log on to Twitter (if not already) and then go to the geocaching-twibbon. If we pass the 500 you can find the Twibute here. Of course can go and get the 250-supporter-twibute. I hope to see many new (and old) supporters soon
  18. Coiners are very cautious when it comes to pre-ordering from a relatively new designer. You could offer your design to a manufacturer. That shop can produce and sell your coin without you needing lots of money. And it would help if you showed us the design of what you have in mind. Ruud
  19. Unfortunately, that's not accurate. I have several coins that both have I's and O's in the tracking codes, and 1's and 0's in the activation codes. I'd better check their quote 'coz it seemed so simple that it was brilliant. Coins from Oakcoins DO contain O's in the trackingcode...
  20. Is the question "What should new geocachers know about trackables?" the right question? All the information is allready on the website, available to everyone. Shouldn't the question be something like "How do we get new geocachers to read the information about trackables?"? Perhaps they should get the information when they are signing up for an account. A page that says: Special items in caches which are owned by others. Read about it here! Click here to complete your account.
  21. For now that is the only way to get them removed from your profile... Ruud4d
  22. Your answer is above the link.
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