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  1. I am the starter of all this when I asked the question in the Dutch forum. I think that it could be the start of a "new" coin series: Capitols of countries. And it might be produced by Oakcoins/Geoswag. Just a thought.
  2. I would choose A. Yeah, officialy my first cointest Or did I enter more unknowingly
  3. He posted a pic on his FB page. CF30 Like these:
  4. You're not alone We would all like one. At least I would
  5. Where is this FB page so I can vote for the older design? Just out of curiosity
  6. What about those of us who have a gmail account but simply don't want to use it as our email account? I sent you an email on this. I just don't want email at gmail because I won't see it. You could make another gmail-account and have all the mail forwarded. Or you could use it as a POP3 account and get all the mail in your e-mailclient. Ruud
  7. My e-mail is send. I am very curious because this is the first time that I participate. Ruud4d
  8. Did you fill out your home-coordinates?
  9. The first coins were without trackingnumber, only a serial number. But there are also coins out there that look the same but are trackable. They are still sold at the CachingPlace allthough currently out of stock. Ruud4d
  10. I do not relaese a lot of coins because many of them get stolen or lost. I do have some coins permanently in my own caches as a reward for people who finished the hike (25 km and 37 km). But recently I released 2 coins and send a few coins to people (just because). Those 2 coins participate in a race that's held almost yearly. This race is set up with the goal to get more coins traveling in caches. At this moment there are 177 participants. Just take a look I bought the coins especialy for the race. Fairly recent coins that are not common in the Netherlands. People who like the icons might be more interested and willing to help the coin travel But the coins are not realy my taste in coins so I would not add them to my keepers. Ruud4d
  11. You could also try at the folowing places: Coin Tracking Geocoins.net (is the same as Coin Trader) The Coin Trader And you can always take a look at the e-shop. Ruud
  12. And a Merry Christmas to all! This is a great prize! Is it on eBay already and can we start the search? I'd love to win this one
  13. I suppose it's the 2009 edition. Did you try Oakcoins?
  14. This series is a MUST HAVE! Wow! I realy want all the editions of this coin. My compliments Jackalgirl, on a great design. This coin is gonna sell at least 1000. What coin would you like for a trade? Ruud4d
  15. As far as I know, there's no Airedale on a coin. Not even on the Gone to the Dogs coin. Sorry. Ruud
  16. You should contact Oakcoins. It's probably a mistake if you ordered the coin. If you got it as an extra, maybe it's meaned to travel or they want you to contact them for an addoption. Just ask them. Ruud
  17. Hi KDubs, The picture you use, is it of an pre-mint example coin or of the new edition? Reason why I'm asking, is because the end of the staff seems to be colored. The edition I have, the staff is completely nickel (raised metal). Ruud4d
  18. I like ´m both too. But the second possibility just a little more My question from an earlier post stands: is it possible to get them exactly opposite of each other? Ruud Edit: typo
  19. An e-mail is send. Now let's hope he will send it to the Netherlands.
  20. Nah... Only 33% of the caches in the Netherlands are regular or large. 60% is micro or small. So I would rather expect it to be a filmcannister
  21. I don't know anything about the procedure of making a coin. But making the back look like it's the opposite of the front would require manual interference to get back in line with front. Is that possible? Ruud4d
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