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  1. Well, I've got two coins activated and ready to be shipped out to the US. Dutch Geocoin 2009 TB3BGPA and a Flip For It Micro Gecoin TB30Z77. Notice that I didn't correct the typo in Geocoin I hope at least one of the coins is gonna make it to Tsun. Thanks for the Challenge!
  2. Kat's correct. they will just show up in our webstore one day. And if I'm super motivated, I'll send out a small newsletter about it But it's more likely someone will bump this thread when the sale goes live. Now if only sample revisions were easy to get. Blech. TMA I hope my F5 will last
  3. Replying to myself The rules state that the coin may not be dropped in Idaho, Montana or Wyoming. So if someone from another state would be so kind to help me? Thanks to N8turgrl and GeocoinGuy I will have two coins dropped. Thanks to all others who were willing to help me
  4. Replying to myself The rules state that the coin may not be dropped in Idaho, Montana or Wyoming. So if someone from another state would be so kind to help me?
  5. May 2 was the day Selective Availability was lifted. From that date geocaching was made possible. It took a while untill geocaching.com was born which came with the logo. There are more sites about geocaching. So in my opinion the logo is not necessary on the coin and the satelite is. Satelite against compass depicts nicely the way we used to navigate and the way we navigate now. I like it as it is. Maybe we could have another coin celebrating 10 years of Groundspeak/Geocaching.com?
  6. Painless for you maybe Last valid PO# was PO908 Pfew, so I was kind a lucky to get one. And I was within the first 5 seconds.
  7. Who is willing to recieve a coin and put it in a cache? Please let me know thru PM.
  8. Sleep well all! I've got one too, paid for already Now the pain in my belly has gone too Now I can start the waiting...
  9. I wish I had noticed them yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't, and everyone is already making lists. Without my numbers. I already got penalized with the 50 coin max deal, and then I'm double dipped I'm sure he'll respond soon and we can make it work. TMA I downloaded the file on january 12th and there you already had just 38 coins listed. I took a look to make you happy by presenting the coins you are missing.
  10. I'm in for the coin ofcourse! I was wondering if a translated event title is acceptable? 10 Years of Geocaching (Nijmegen, Netherlands) would become 10 Jaar Geocachen (Nijmegen, Nederland).
  11. Mid March. I suppose Groundspeak knows that it takes time to organize an event. In what way are they gonna be part of it? Are they contacting us? Or do we have to contact them? Or will they organize their own event? What is going to happen? And the part about the coin is said by others already.
  12. No regrouping for me. (For those who are impatient )
  13. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there is a way to get the complete set, PLEASE!!!! They are gorgeous! I think these will be among my favorites ever.
  14. Don't worry about the announcement. The ones who have twitter, have posted every scrap of info on this topic. (And that got some people confused )
  15. Ok so 20:00 CET on Saturday January 30th translates to 1:00 pm US Central Saturday January 30th. Which, unfortunately for me, means that I will miss this sale. Alas, I will be away from home almost all day that day and almost certainly out of touch with the internet (I will have the laptop with me just in case...). Unless someone will be allowed to proxy me? Probably not. That would open up a whole different kind of hornets nest... I don't have either one of the first two so missing this one won't be too painful. Oh well, perhaps next time. CF30 It's not sure yet if it is saturday. It could also be friday. Time ís set though.
  16. Just the set of coins? Nothing else? This couldn't be a coincedence? Not a misplacement? I hope you get your coins back and the thieve(s) gets his/her punishment.
  17. So is Bert going to host the sale again on geocoins.nl? That would be easier than accessing the twitter account. I got a lot of "Twitter is too busy" messages earlier. Yep, that's what they have announced on Twitter.
  18. Couldn't you offer this service to others to earn some money? You might be able to buy yourself some coins.
  19. I had to go back to the 8th to find your entries. I have cut and pasted them to the current sheet. This may mean that you can't edit them now, but I'm not sure. Saffier's one coin was missing too. Just a note to everyone: Please be very careful when editing or deleting one of your coin listings that you don't accidentally select multiple lines. Thank you for correcting
  20. Could it be that once you have entered coins to the Trade they disappear from the list of coins? I had 5 entries but can't find any of them. Or did go something wrong? Ruud4d
  21. Will this one have its own icon like the Damselfly? To me icons are just part of the coin.
  22. This is fun I've gotta make some arrangements...
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