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  1. My first coin is in. A Tennessee 2008 coin from Atlantgal. Thanks!
  2. My name isn't on the participants list. Did you get my e-mail?
  3. Ruud, I really feel bad about that - I placed your coin not even 2 hours after I received it in the heart of the University of Oregon. (I dropped 5 coins in that cache). When I heard that the University has a coin thief about the grounds, I went back to the cache, and retrieved what was left - 2 of the 5 coins were gone - yours and a 2007 Czech coin. So - being that I feel somewhat stupid and naive about that particular cache placement... if Tsun will allow me, I would like to replace what was lost with another coin and adopt it over to you for this mission. If she will allow this, I will activate it and adopt it over to you tonight - and you can adopt your FLip for it coin to me, so it's my loss and not yours. Again, I really feel horrible about what had happened. ~J I think you see this the wrong way. First of all, YOU didn't steal them. That was somebody else who has no respect for someone elses things. You just put in a cache for me for which I'm gratefull. Second, it's my loss. You are not responsible for this. If Tsun would allow it, I would send you another coin, probably the spare Flip fot It, to be placed in another cache if you would be so kind to do that. But I read she has a rule for this so I would wait 6 months and then ask if someone would like to place a coin for me. By the way, I have also a Czech 2007 coin that's up for trade Edit: There's also rule number ten: 10. No whiners, beggars, crybabies, Steelers/Packers/Cowboy's fans allowed
  4. Today Ruud4d Dutch 2009 Geocoin reach Tsun! (TB3BGPA) was set free in XNA Airport Travellers Hotel by Howlingmoon. Thank you! Yesterday GeocoinGuy did the same with Ruud4d Flip For It Micro Gecoin reach Tsun (TB30Z77) by dropping it in Phineas Monkey. And today I got the message that the owner of the cache marked my coin missing. In no longer then 20 hours my coin is lost.
  5. I already have a set ordered. And more then $ 50 for this coin is a bit to much for me.
  6. e-mail sent... CF30 You're a pretty popular girl with al this e-mail. And you got an e-mail from me too. That makes at least 4 Or is it the coin that's so popular? I hope you made a good trade and got at least 10 other coins
  7. I reserved ONLY 5 complete sets - the 4th version is the XLE - Polished Copper with epoxy coating. Its MAGNIFICENT! ~J I want a complete set too And I want...
  8. There is a 4th version! How can we get that?
  9. And of course a lesson learned... I hope for you that you will eventually trade off those unwanted coins and that you will get those you realy wanted. And like the others before me already did, I sent out the 3 packages to the people who wanted my coins. Just 3. But héy, that's 60%
  10. My coin has arrived. With the desired number! Thank you!!!
  11. I agree with catsnfish. Give them a notice that they have to pay within the next 3 days or so and on the fourth day you announce here before you put them in the store.
  12. Watch your back!!! I can see one of my coins: front row, second stack from left, 4th coin from top
  13. It's a 09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent Geocoin, Illinois edition.
  14. I'm glad I reserved the complete set They really look great. And a set of the new Canada Capital Cachers coin. I'm gonna be expecting a lot of coins from you
  15. I'm hoping all my 5 coins get traded off Oh and E&Cplus3... Canadian Chocolate Hagelsag Spy... And how about Drop?
  16. I'm not sure about the Geocaching All in One. Maybe at Geocoinshop.de.
  17. IRC Poffertjes event at K2 Coins.nl
  18. And you're gonna do that to my coin aswell?
  19. Soon the sale starts for the Gone Bananas geocoin made by Ernies. Sale starts sunday, february 7, 9pm east or 6pm pacific time, i.e. monday, 8 february, 0:00 central european time. They have their own icon. They will be available here.
  20. Probably to late with my idea for the coin. You could write the "Ten years" in various languages to show it's a worldwide event. 10 years, 10 ans, 10 años, 10 Jahre, 10 jaar. Anymore?
  21. I am looking for the Gold Woodland Sprite geocoins. To be specific: the red, blue and purple editions. I already have all other versions. We will sure be able to work out the trade. Please contact me through e-mail.
  22. Let me thank you here too. The coins are very nice! And the Geocoin Fairy is very much appreciated!
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