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  1. I have been caching for a few months and like the idea of the many puzzle caches out there as I've always enjoyed solving puzzles. I know one tip is to check the source code for the cache page and I'm not too bad with the ones that are codes because I know what I'm starting from and know what the degrees part should roughly be. My question is about the puzzle caches which seem to have no point to start from, no obvious code or other sets of numbers/letters/symbols. I have come across a few which I have no clue where to even begin and I was just wondering what other tips people have for how to start. Also, do people email cache owners for a little hint when first starting out? I feel frustrated to have to ask for help as I like working things out for myself but I guess if I ask on a few then this may help me with others in the future. Are COs happy to be asked for a point in the right direction? Sorry to ask what has probably been asked before but some of these starting to drive me insane!
  2. Looking for a nice place in the Shrewsbury area to have a picnic and possibly find a geocache as well. We're off on holiday on Friday and reckon on being in this the area around lunchtime but having looked at the map I'm not too sure where might be a good spot. Any suggestions?
  3. 6th September? I've got to be back on the 2nd!
  4. This was my own thought exactly ... I could clearly see the image of the bike going backwards! (And nearly spurted my Cappachino all over the laptop) I would never have replied admitting this though .... till i read your reply. I too hope you are ok, and thank you for making me laugh out loud. Glad I'm not the only one!
  5. "Logs can be deleted by the owner of the log, by the owner of the listing (the cache owner) and by site administrators. Logs that fail to meet stated requirements (such as Found It logs by people who have never found the cache) or logs that conflict with our Terms of Use Agreement may be deleted." From the Knowledge Books Many people here seem to be stating that we should let cache finders play the game their way and that the guidelines are there to be interpreted. The 'It doesn't affect me so why do I care?' attitude. I actually agree with that, I'm not a cache owner yet but I don't think I would delete a log even if I did suspect it was bogus, it wouldn't bother me enough to risk the potential hassle. However, clearly cache owners have power of deletion for a reason and so I say, let these cache owners play it their way too. They seem to have followed the guidelines of emailing the loggers to ask for an explanation, this was not satisfactory and they couldn't prove they found it so log deleted. These cache finders have obviously relogged ones they genuinely found and could appeal to Groundspeak if they feel their log was deleted unfairly. This also doesn't affect me so I'm not going to try and tell the cache owners what they should have done.
  6. Pretty sure you are both right with John, there have been twenty odd popes with the name of John. Benedict and Gregory as Pajaholic said have both been chosen 16 times. EDIT: Lol, I was close. Knew it was something starting with twenty!
  7. This is very good to hear as someone who is just thinking of releasing a few travel bugs. I know you always have to be prepared for them to be lost forever but it's always reassuring to hear stories of those that made it home!
  8. Quirky maybe but definitely not silly! I look forward to finding signature items but unfortunately it doesn't seem very common in the caches I've found so far. I haven't developed any quirky caching habits yet but this has got me thinking.... ....watch this space!
  9. Beamflote beast http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=08fe59a9-7bf8-4441-a966-0523b11036e7 Thanks for the suggestion. Have taken a look at this one before, spent quite a while looking at the grid and am still none the wiser! Intend to go back to it at some point and maybe get a hint but am guessing that if I'm having trouble with this first bit then I'm going to be in big trouble with the rest of it!
  10. I really hope that you're ok tomorrow, particularly your knee and would like to thank you for a post which made me laugh out loud as opposed to others I have been reading which have left me feeling rather depressed! On this note I think it's time for bed. (Just to clarify, I don't usually laugh at other people's misfortunes - especially someone I don't know, and had I been there I would have been appropriately concerned and helpful. However, it was the image of the bike suddenly starting to go backwards without warning that amused me!)
  11. Ah, a thread I feel able to respond to!! Thanks Moote. Have only been caching since March (actually started on my birthday) but really enjoying the hobby and have got some other family members involved too. The funniest thing was my husband who was rather skeptical at first and thought it was a bit of a waste of time. He is now the one rushing to GZ to try and find the cache first, keeping 'score' of how many we have found each and the one who can't stand leaving with a cache unfound (I tend to give up after about 15 minutes of looking.) He also seems desperate to find more caches than a friend of mine who he's never even met! Sure is an addictive hobby. (He still avoids the 'computer' stuff though.) Will be going out this weekend, hopefully with family members, so if anyone can recommend a good cache or more in Essex let me know!
  12. I am still pretty new to this at the moment but from the beginning I knew (and understood!) the rules of trading when caching. I rarely take stuff out of caches and if I do I always trade even/up (I usually only trade when caching with my young cousins and I've taught them the same.) I often take nothing but leave something anyway because I like to find stuff in a cache and look through it even if I'm not taking anything so I figure I'll 'give somthing back.' If people choose to leave junk in a cache then it's a little irritating but no big deal as long as it's not against the rules. What really annoyed me, however, was a previous log in one of the caches I found which said "Took ball, left ticket." The ticket in question was a used train ticket, how is that trading fairly? To leave junk in a cache is one thing but to trade for something clearly better than the item you are leaving shows a complete lack of respect for fellow cachers. I get that some people put different values on things, e.g. I consider thoughtful homemade things that didn't cost anything to be as valuable as something that someone has bought from a shop and I can also see how some interesting shells/stones could be good swag for some people even though they are not for me. But a used train ticket???!!!
  13. I'd like to use that as an excuse but I just find I can't answer most of the questions! Have come close to answering one correctly but mostly they are a little more intellectual than the questions in the quizzes I frequent. We did go to a pub on holiday once that did a quiz from a mensa quiz book. I think we got something like 2 out of 20!
  14. That definitely depends on where you live. I am also scared of spiders but, no, in the UK I would not consider them dangerous animals. Wherever BAMBOOZLE lives however, it sounds like the answer would be yes, they are.
  15. PAF was also the one that I didn't understand - thanks to this thread I now know what it is!
  16. I've been watching this thread for a while waiting for a question I could answer, found that I missed one earlier today that I knew but thought I had this one. Been racking my brains but have forgotten the exact name, they joked about changing it to something more friendly and I'm sure it was something to do with puppies but I can't remember it exactly. Oh well, thought I'd at least introduce myself to the thread and will keep watching!
  17. I agree that if they are constantly struggling they should let people know/ask for help/step down as appropriate, but we are all only human and do make mistakes. Just because on one day they may have a lot going on and get something wrong doesn't make them 'incompetent' at the job! It's when further mistakes start creeping in/become more regular that I think your answer applies. (Sorry, we seem to have digressed!)
  18. This doesn't always happen. I know people who have contacted the website about accounts of under 13s. Nothing was done in any of the cases I know about. I'm guessing it's hard for them to prove/disprove it.
  19. I don't think so, I agree with your reasoning. I don't think it matters whether you have 100+, 500+, 1000+ caches - that's not the most important thing when thinking about placing your own. Obviously it helps you know and understand good hides but what really matters is whether you have a good place to put it where people will enjoy the find. If your goal is favourite points then great. Don't just put one out for the sake of it or because you have a certain number of finds!
  20. I would hate for my DNFs to be deleted as much as a found it log. It's part of my geocaching history and I am never ashamed of them! I too like to go down the list and look at my DNFs again from time to time to see who has found them since and how easy they found it. I'm sure the OP feels the same and I hope that the logs can be reinstated. I also always assume with a DNF that it is a failure on my part and not that the cache is missing - which I try to make clear in my logs. Even if there are a couple of DNFs before me I personally wouldn't suggest that the cache is missing. (I think that the cache has only been missing on one of my DNFs since starting a few months ago. The others are all just down to my inability to find it!)
  21. I have heard this app mentioned quite a few times so thought I'd download it to see what it's all about. I have no idea where to start with it though and can't find any kind of 'user guide'. Does anybody have any advice on using the app or know where I might find a guide?
  22. I have used both and they have both worked pretty well for me. I like the live map on c:geo - I only use my phone for impromptu caching so the map is perfect to not only check for nearby caches but to also give you a good idea where you'll need to go. However I haven't worked out how to navigate to a cache from c:geo, I always end up having to shut the app and open the official app to navigate from there. I'm sure this is just me being dim though so if anyone could tell me how to do this it would be much appreciated! If the official app had a map I probably wouldn't bother with c:geo at all.
  23. Mr H doesn't go on the website at all, it's just me. He sometimes looks over my shoulder at the map when I'm deciding where we might go but that's about it. I do all the work before the trip, he does the driving! Considering his age (29) he is not as good with computers as people often expect! He is very into finding the caches though and tends to keep score on every trip we do as to how many we each find! We're usually pretty even on the finds, although if there are too many bugs around I make him go first!
  24. I liked this photo, it was one of my favourites, but probably not my absolute favourite. I have watched this thread since joining the site a couple of months ago and have even gone back to look at all the previous winning photos; I think it's great that the winner judges the next contest as everyone will be looking at different things they want out of a good photo.
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