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  1. I'm still working on my snail - hope he will be ready in time!
  2. Growing = more caches = more choice Yes there will be more bad but also more good caches too and that is very subjective. In fact, the person who introduced me to caching has quite a different caching style to ours. Guess we've just gotta get good at sniffing out the type we like best. I'm a newbie myself (only caching since March) and am glad that knowledge of the hobby has grown as otherwise I may never have discovered it.
  3. I'm afraid I can't give you much advice but thought I should post saying I know exactly how you feel! I too am fairly new though so hopefully our skills will improve with time. (I have posted something similar recently and I know that others will have some helpful hints for you although I still stare at many a mystery cache without a clue how to even begin with finding something which resembles coordinates!)
  4. Good Luck! Really hope you find it and then perhaps you can do one of the resuscitator challenge caches too!
  5. It may have been about resuscitator challenge caches - ones where you have to find a cache that hasn't been found for a year or more to qualify for finding the challenge cache. An example of one of these is HERE and I'm sure there is probably a bookmark list of UK resuscitator challenge caches. (Otherwise just search under cache name for resuscitator, that's what I did to find my example.) EDIT: LOL, too slow on the uptake for this one
  6. I only have 20 squares completed in my D/T grid (all in the top left!) so it's not something I've ever thought about but that's good to know for future reference.
  7. I think that it's between you and the owner - if both parties are happy then why not?
  8. SShh, not ready for comments like that yet! Back on topic, I do not understand Yiddish either but am rather intrigued!
  9. My first correct answer! So to the next question... Known as Bacchus in Ancient Rome; Dionysus in Ancient Greece and the subject of a great song by Third Eye Blind - who is he?
  10. Works hard for a living! (I'm a Saturday child, I'd say that's pretty accurate most of the time.)
  11. So very true, I always think twice before posting anything and ask myself 1. Could this cause negative comments to be directed towards me personally? 2. Can I cope with said negative comments today or are they likely to push me over the edge?! I think it's important to remember that these are just words on a computer screen. We don't know the person writing them - their age, personality or personal circumstances. I hope you don't stop coming to ask for help in the forums. I have spotted some very helpful posters, Mrs B being one of them!
  12. Whether the find totals are combined or whether they are separate makes very little difference to the way I will play the game. I do the ones that take my fancy and I leave the ones I don't and I'll keep doing that, now with challenges as well as caches. (With some caches I decided at the location that they were not for me and didn't even try - one was an earthcache and I was too busy enjoying the location to bother with trying to find pointless information to prove I was there, this may end up being the case with challenges as well but I shall see.) With the scores combined I'm sure I could still have easily seen which were caches and which were challenges and with them separate I can add them together. I understand it's frustrating for people if they do have a strong opinion on this topic but I don't see that it makes that much difference to your caching habits.
  13. And now it suddenly makes sense that they don't let you do that. Hmm, that is true, this is the first good reason I have seen for why you can't delete challenge logs. Unfortunately you are also not allowed to delete the ones where people have clearly never completed your challenge which I think is a shame because I have seen many of those already.
  14. I have looked through all the challenges posted in this thread and it certainly seems like these are all good examples of challenges set so far. However, my favourite ones by far are those where the photo or action requested relate to the specific area. E.g. Build a sandcastle at the beach, fly a kite at a popular kite-flying location (great ideas as I haven't done either of these in ages and it would be fun.) Doing a particular walk also appeals to me as it seems to have a purpose and sounds enjoyable. For the photo ones, there was one that said to take a photo holding the statue's hand, another playing a kazoo. I find these more interesting as they relate more directly to the area than just take a photo by X landmark. I did want to create a challenge for the Vigeland park in Oslo to take a photo of someone posing like one of the statues as we had great fun doing that last time we were there and will be going again soon but I was beaten to it! Vigeland Park That reminds me, I assume for these challenges that it doesn't matter if you do not live in the area as they are supposedly 'ownerless.'
  15. Yeah, I completely agree. I've avoided posting about challenges up to now because I wanted to give them a chance and see how they would work. I have no objection to the challenges and will probably take part in them because I have seen some good ones. However, they are NOT caches and I certainly do not want them showing up as a cache find. Two separate things so two separate scores. If they stay on the geocaching site, that's fine with me as long as the distinction is clear. I can see why other people feel they should have their own site and that too would be fine with me. I also think that creators should be able to delete challenge logs as I have already seen people claiming they have completed the challenge but have clearly not done what was asked of them! Particularly on photo challenges that ask for a pic of 'you' at the place, or a pic containing GPS. Some people have just posted what looks like a generic photo which is clearly not the idea here.
  16. Yes! That's exactly who it was! Thanks, it's been driving me crazy and I didn't want to google it in case the answer came to me.
  17. Ricky Tomlinson Ricky Tomlinson was Mike Bassett. Dave Dodds was played by a guy who I can picture but can't think of his name - he used to do game shows a lot and I think he might have been in Coronation Street. (This is why I'm better at quizzes where I have a team to help me out, I often have an idea about the answer and useless information, just not the answer itself!)
  18. Hmm, so "a fish" will not be a sufficient answer then... ...nope, not a clue!
  19. Have had a look and I find the cache just under 90% of the time. DNFs account for 11% of my caching logs. It's been interesting for me to look at the circumstances under which most of my DNFs occur. 80% of my DNFs are micros or nanos, they drive me crazy! I only started caching in March so I still consider myself relatively new to this and I haven't yet got the hang of spotting the nanos in particular. My attitude is just to enjoy the area and the hunt regardless of whether it's a find or not. If I'm not liking the area I'm having to search then I just walk away, if I am enjoying it then it's worth it find or DNF.
  20. I have downloaded some Wherigo play anywhere cartidges onto my android phone having read this thread but haven't had chance to try them out yet (it's pouring with rain at the moment so I think I'll wait until it dries up.) I just wondered whether the Wherigos run the battery out quickly, could it shut off before I'm finished? Also, can you save the Wherigo - I could easily get a spare phone battery so could I save when the battery got low then switch batteries to continue?
  21. Sounds like fun, thanks for posting it here.
  22. I agreed with your comments about the cache in question, it seemed to have been disabled for a while with no action. I also don't think it hurts to tell others why this particular series may not have been your cup of tea. It's good to know pros and cons of a cache as we are all looking for different things from a cache. I think perhaps that where I would have been upset as a CO would have been the comments on how they could have 'done it better' as that is very subjective and may have come across as a little insulting.
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